Julianna Wells

Julianna Wells @juliannajwells

CofC '20........... 7.12.14 πŸ”’to A.M.G

Two and a half years with this hottie πŸ’• love ya @childish_gummbino

Disney trip 2016

I've always been a space cadet. Loving Disney with my family :) happy holidays everyone!

Thanks for the early Christmas baby!!! Have fun in Ohio

Happy thanksgiving! @childish_gummo

first belly dancing show was a success! I can't wait till the next one

✨Harley and the Joker✨#Halloween #joker #suicidesquad @andrew_gummo

SPOOPY! I think we are gonna win the door decorating contest haha #halloween #cofc @cherupsarah

Loving Charleston #cofc #cofc2020

I miss my little zooby #bestdogever
Thanks @kymw6 for the pic πŸ’•

#nationaldogday miss you zooby-doo πŸ’•

I can't wait to move to the happiest city in the US! 2 weeks until college! #CofC #cofc2020 #charlestonbound

2 years with the best guy ever :) Thanks for everything! I love you @andrew_gummo πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

Happy 19th Birthday to the best guy in the world :) Have a good one! I love you

Missing Charleston... I can't wait to finally live there!!! #CofC #cofcbound #cofc2020

I have the best boyfriend ever. I love you @andrew_gummo :)

Newest painting. Just something quick. For sale for $25 if anyone is interested

Finally graduated!!!!! So happy to be done :) I can't wait for college!!!! #classof2016 #cofcbound

Last one! For today... I just love all these pics :) had such a handsome date. I can't wait till he comes home from college! @andrew_gummo #prom2k16

The awkwardness that is our relationship. Love this guy @andrew_gummo #prom2016

I had so much fun last night. Feeling lucky having a guy like him ☺️ thanks for the awesome night Andrew!!! I love you @andrew_gummo #prom2k16

Andy Warhol inspired piece :)

More AP Art stuff. One month till high school is officially over. I can't wait.

Ap art piece #artstuff

I miss him and I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished this year :) I wish we had time to talk more, but I am just thankful that I have him by my side. I love you @andrew_gummo

FINALLY 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes :)

He said yes :) I love you Andrew!!!

Happy year and a half πŸ’• I love you and I can't wait to visit! @andrew_gummo

Goth night πŸ˜‚

Newest AP art piece

Miss you. I can't wait for thanksgiving break :) hope you're having fun in college! @andrew_gummo

Ink on wood. Not my favorite piece. -#artstuff

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