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♕J.B Music♕
└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└└♫♪♫ 🎵🎶🎼🎹🎤💯❤😍


Fuck them #Tony #Montana

LoL from🐶 to 🍆 real quick 😂😂😂


My favourite place on a day off 😍

No matter what happens i will always love you girl ❤

Hopping for the best but accepting the worst

Ain't give a fuck about none

Fuck boys and fake hoes i was calling friends was fraud i learn my lesson now i move with agression use my mind as a weapon cuz chances are never given they token like interceptions

Life is too short to spend another minute of it trying to be someone you are not here just impress others that don't deserve your time if someone is not seeing you for who you really are to bad because they are missing out something special you #Remmber #That 💯

Fear has destroyed life's more than anything else be fearless @miketyson

New banger on the way just got finish this beat 💯🔥 JB #Music 🎵🎶

Sometimes you just have to let go not because you don't love them but they will never understand and will keep doing the same mistake no matter how much you care somethings are not meant to be love them them from the distance wish them all the best and move on eith your life with hope that they will realise the mistakes if they don't fuck it

LOL 😂😂

New Year's resolution is to cut everyone i thought was a real friend the fuck off effective immediately yea you.You fake Motherfuckers @losangelesconfidential 👍💯

#True Biggie 💯


TBT live performance shoot too @kidink @deejayillwill

And it gets longer everyday 😂😂

When i see you i'ma fuck the 💩 out ya 😂

I'm all I've got 💯

The sad truth

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