Joanna Smith

Joanna Smith @joannamatronic

32, Mum of 2 incredible boys. Wife to an amazing and beautiful man. Lover of all things Chanel, monochrome and the minimal. Southampton UK

Today was a jeans and blazer day. With my messy hair I felt like I was in Bananarama 👍

My mum and dad came over yesterday for the afternoon. I miss them so much, especially at the moment. I really wish they lived closer, like, just down the road closer ☚ī¸

Chuffed with this vintage Levi's oversized denim jacket, when I say oversized I mean it's huge! There were bigger ones but I looked a little like I had just shrink in the wash. Thank you so much Pete for treating me 💙💙💙

Lying in the bath wishing to be the Tata to Pablo 😩💔💔💔💔

Little beauts 😎😎

Lovely sunny frosty morning, Josh happily dropped off to school earlier followed by freezing park times with Jimmy ❤ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸â„ī¸

Watching the last episode of Sherlock by candlelight đŸ’Ĩ

These new kicks are the most comfortable I've worn so far. They shape to my feet perfectly 👟👟

Yeezy feels

After work today some retail therapy was very much what the doctor ordered. I got this beautiful full length puffa coat, more winter clothes for the boys and some more trainers for work 👍

Not feeling myself at all today. So tired and I've been emotionally put through the ringer once again, poor Jim has been pretty hard going this afternoon, screaming on and off and seemingly without reason, at least not one I can fully understand. Pete and I have portage coming over Friday to observe him at home, hopefully it'll help us long term if an official diagnosis is required. I love him so god damn much, but I feel immense pressure and so much stress I cry most days. Josh has very specific needs and I am so desperate for both my children to have equal help and support that they need and deserve, especially from me, as their mother I just want to be the best I can be. If Jim is Autistic too then I know it's going to be so hard to balance their individual needs, it's all overwhelming me. I wish I could be tougher then I am.

Really the only way to spend a Sunday. Had a rough night with Jim last night and I have a feeling it'll be more of the same tonight, little Red had another seriously high temp, thank god for Nurofen! Seriously don't know what I'd do without it! Cuddles on the sofa it is then 👍

Bath time lasted all of 10 minutes this morning before the boys came in and sat down next to the tub. Jim is coming down with the flu and is exhausted today. He never falls asleep in the day and has already napped twice. I really need to go the shops today as well but I dare not wake up Red! 😑

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