Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler @jimmybutler

small town to a big city = tomball to chicago. #21 in chicago. forever #33 from marquette. WAE. TwistBoyz🌀

happy birthday to my guy @dwyanewade .. couple years later and still wearing them fly suits! Thirty Five and counting!

maaaannnnn. happy birthday to my family @preign ... enjoy that ishh!

this the smile that you have after a big win.. legoo #bullsnation

easily one of my favorite movies before I get to bed... never judge a book by its cover... miracles are always right in your face...GOOD NIGHT!

when you talking about who should get the ISO with @johnson_c5 but IG people play too much 😂😂😂 still funny @dwyanewade

JUST DO IT. by just do it. JUST SMILE! incredible evening with the kids from After School Matters. a little shopping. and ALOT of smiles!! ''tis the season

amazing day today with all my people in this beautiful city. seeing all these smiles. so very fortunate.. big things coming!!

Proud of my @marquette.basketball family honoring Native American Heritage Month with #niken7 tonight. @jumpman23

chef. future HoF. sensei. older marquette product. whatever i should call you. thank you for teaching me what it takes to be great. for pushing me and for setting goals for myself that i never thought id reach. and for being my biggest critic. we not done! #nonshooters #onlynicethingilleversay #saynomorefam

now you talking art.. this is tough @tomorikakoko

call God @ab, call God.

this how I'm smiling tonight when you switch out on to me @deandrejordan6 TwistBoyz🌀

couple marquette guys.

just say what Taj says... Another day in the NBA... #GODGOTME

its time to eat..

two houston area folks talking before practice today. @deandrejordan6 we the real ones not you 😂😂. s/o @simonebiles

please do.. be you..

we lit @dexterfowler. we lit.

the two dummies behind the scenes that push me to be the best all summer. early mornings. late nights. in LA. in Chi. on vacation. they always around. big time summer for a big time year. @johnson_c5 @travellegaines

@deandrejordan6 for my bday. LOVE!!

this is a picture of me about two weeks ago excited I was turning 27 soon! thank y'all for all the bday love.. yes I dressed my self in this photo. quit looking at my ashy knees.

who y'all think taught @ab to do what he doin tonight.. s/o to @theovision1 for capturing my only two catches on film! #ninobrown #tonytoetap #imstillnice

It's here!  Check out my collaboration with @bonobos.  Go to bonobos.com to see the full film + my favorite clothes.  #WearNoDoubts #bonobospartner

you don't work. you don't eat. you don't grind. you don't shine. i better be way faster after runnin on this damn beach all damn day.

@demaryiust88 .. take note. you lucky georgia tech didn't recruit me or I woulda been wearing number 8 at wide out.. #justtalking #dontoverreact #idontplayreceiveriplayqb #omahalikepeytonmanning

I teamed up with @Bonobos because they appreciate that I'm always trying to be a better version of myself.  And because I like their pants.  Follow them to see what's next. #WearNoDoubts

after almost dying with the beach workout @travellegaines had us doing.. @dougmcd03 and i get a light pool workout in.. #seasonfavorstheprepared

in my @dereklanderson low 12s. checkin out them CUBS while EATING! thanks to @kris_bryant17 @dexterfowler @arizz_44 for having me out! more photos soon I promise.

three cats at a cubs and dodgers game.

my face on a @kelloggsus box! grab yours at Kelloggsfamilyrewards.com #getsmestarted #stillabroncosfanijustlikeantoniobrown

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