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Usually I like to start and end my day with prayers and I think a lot of what I am grateful for in my life. The list is very long and at times repetitive, but one thing I was repeating these few days while in Milano was "I am grateful to be in a warm bed, in a warm room, with food and clothes". It seems that there are more homeless people on the streets of Milano than I remember. During these cold days their life is nothing but struggle (but mind you, it doesn't end when summer comes either!). Rarely do people look at them because they are afraid of them, I guess. We are taught to expect the worst from people who are hungry or abandoned. Those are stereotypes, in my opinion. My experience is quite the opposite.
I had several encounters with homeless people, and I learned so much from them. How life changed for them from one day to another, how difficult it is to prove society that they are worth the trust and investment. I am noone special when I stand on the street with them, and yet when they are treated with respect, they respond in the same way or with even more gratitude than you could ever imagine.
I am really grateful that there are charities that put all their efforts into helping them, and also, there are so many volunteers that sign up to be of use in those efforts.
What are you grateful for today?

Smell of old books.... #library #bibliotecadibrera #milano

#Tbt to my favourite #carconcert 😂😂😂 makes me laugh each time! It was such a great day and we had so much fun just being together ❤

LOVE LOVE LOVE Forever!!! So grateful to have you two in my life! @_marija.ristic_ #marko #summertime #marbella #teamdjokovic #alabina #bailamaria

Happy birthday to my dad 🙏🍰🎉 Thank you Sabrina @rawspirations for a great recipe ❤👏 Snickers Ice Cream vegan cake 😛We LOVE it! #familytogether #vegan #rawvegan

Recept mozete da nadjete klikom na link u biografiji devojke koju sam tagovala. Ona ima blog na kome objavljuje svoje recepte koji su fantasticni.
PS. Visit Sabrina's blog for recipe at I don't feel it is fair that I share it here. She deserves all the credit :) and you'll be surprised how many amazing recipes she has over there. Definitely worth a visit!

What a wonderful evening at @australianopen in honour of @novakfoundation and @djokernole
Thank you everybody who contributed! Much love ❤❤❤
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Thank you @iahpgram for always providing me with clever ideas and ways to answer curious questions of my little boy... his favourite part of the "How to multiply your baby's intelligence" course is Encyclopaedic knowledge 👍he just loves the BITs!
At the moment, he is very interested in dinosaurs and animals so the BITs from Institutes are amazing! We did a few home made books for him on what dinosaurs eat, when they lived, which one is the fastest, biggest... etc. And to be honest, I am enjoying this program soooo much! I am learning all the things I never thought I would stumble upon 🙏 Thank you!!!! This status is also for all the parents out there searching for ideas how to stimulate their children's brain growth 🙏😍 My recommendation is to look for Institutes for achievement of human potential. There are books, courses, video materials... Enjoy! #mothersarebesteachers #family

Daddy came back home for a short visit before he heads to Australia, only to discover who took over the "boss" role 😂😂 There is no place like home 🙏🏠❣ #myeverything #family #love #mychampionineveryrole @djokernole

So proud of you! Bravo amore! 🏆👏❤😍#dohawinner #champion
Srećan Božić svima! ❤

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@djokernole beats @andymurray 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 to repeat as the Qatar ExxonMobil Open champion and win 2017's 1st title! 🏆 #ATP #tennis #QatarTennis #Djokovic 📸: Getty Images

Stefan had a special "racket" today while watching daddy - the one that cannot break things when he imitates daddy's forehand swing. Tata, I wish you could see how your little man is proud of you when you play and keeps shouting "Ajde tata!" with a fist-pump 😂😂 @djokernole
Tennis really doesn't allow many family holidays at home. Tonight is our Christmas Eve, a special family gathering occasion. Luckily, we have Face time and lots of understanding and support, so daddy will be with us in spirit and technology 👍😂😍❤
Srećno vam Badnje veče! Želim vam da ga provedete u miru, zdravlju i blagostanju. Za one koji Božić dočekuju u teškim uslovima, molim se za vas svim srcem i želim da vam ovaj dan donese zdravlje, sreću i hrabrost da prevazidjete sve probleme i strahove. I u napred da vam poželim Mir Božiji -Hristos se rodi (jer cu sutra verovatno da budem bez tehnologije :)) 🙏🌞😘❤

Thank you 2016! Never a dull moment for us... so blessed and grateful! Thank you for health, family, friends, job... and all the lessons. Loved every moment of it!

May 2017 bring you health, luck and joy - the rest is on you 🙏❣ #DareToBeOriginal #happynewyear
Much love,

My favourite view in the world + 2 little furry fellas 🐩🐩❤ #family #likefatherlikeson

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We wish you health, prosperity, wisdom, gratitude, joy and most of all ❤
Thank you all for sharing beautiful family atmosphere today! For us who are not celebrating today (but in 2weeks time), we feel infected by your happiness and joy and we cannot help but join you ❤😍 May there be many days like this!

#tb So grateful for such a strong team!
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Timski rad je najbolji rad.
Ponosni smo na naš #NDFteam.
P.S.: Slika je sa naše prve timske konferencije!
Teamwork makes the dream work.
We’re so proud of the whole #NDFteam.
P.S.: This lovely photo was taken during our first annual Team Conference.

"Every failure is an experience and every fall brings important inner discoveries. If the failure discourages you, maybe you didn't deserve to succeed" #Quote by Professor Nebojsa Romcevic taken from the interview for the @orgnlmagazine
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"Svaka je greška iskustvo, svaki pad dragocena spoznaja. Ako vas neuspeh obeshrabri, niste zaslužili uspeh. Strah od grešaka rađa strah od delanja. Ne možemo čekati da svet bude podesan za nas. Zato je život lep. Bez grešaka i bez smrti sve bi bilo svejedno", poručuje profesor FDU dr Nebojša Romčević u intervjuu za #ORGNLmagazine.

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#orgnlmagazine December issue 🤘

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Zavirite u decembarski #ORGNLmagazine! Čeka vas mnogo originalnih priča!
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What a wonderful thought! Thank you @kayla_itsines for sharing! ❤️🌞

Wonderful people! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️#Repost @novakfoundation with @repostapp
Today is #InternationalVolunteerDay and the perfect occasion to pay tribute to all the volunteers out there, who truly give their best while expecting nothing in return. It seems they really know that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
Thank you Volunteers!
Danas je Međunarodni dan volontera i savršena prilika da se zahvalimo svim volonterima, koji zaista daju sve od sebe, kako bi pomogli i doprineli svojim trudom, ne očekujući ništa za uzvrat. Oni su nam pokazali da nisu najsrećniji ljudi oni koju dobijaju, već oni koji daju!
Veliko hvala volonterima!

How much love and respect I have for all the students who were tonight at the lecture.

I really had to share this because I appreciate your time, willingness and interest to grow as individuals. Tonight it was a beautiful opportunity for all of us to learn from each other. Thank you, because if each of you continues growing and evolving - our society WILL prosper.
I really believe in you and thank you! Imate svu moju ljubav, postovanje i podrsku. Hvala vam!

Ekonomski fakultet sutra u 18h. Radujem se!
These days are quite busy for the #NDF team.
Tomorrow I'll have a chance to speak to the students of Faculty of Economy in Belgrade about Philanthropy. I really think this topic is something worth sharing with young minds because the more we implement social responsibility into our actions at the early stages of our professional and private evolution, the more we will be able to contribute to EVERYTHING. Literally everything. #excited

Next few days we have annual team building conference at @novakfoundation

That means lots of brainstorming, sharing, laughing and growing❣️

Walking the walk with my little man❣️💖🌞 #eqvitarestaurant #eqvita #eqvitahealthyfoodrestaurantmonaco #eqvitastic


Here and Dr Tom O'Bryan are talking about some truly remarkable research on autoimmune diseases, gut health and gluten impact.
For another 6 days there is a FREE summit on beauty, skin and gut where you can learn so much. I am completely immersed in it these days! Just go and visit @fmtv_official and register. I highly recommend it.

I filmed in particular this segment because I'm passionate about children and their health (and I'm a mom too) and thought this would be helpful to lots of families. Intestinal impermeability ("leaky gut") means that our gut wall is damaged (because of lots of toxins we eat,drink, breathe in), and the undigested food molecules leak into our bloodstream. Our immune system then starts defending from those foods (all types of food allergies and intolerances appear when you do blood tests, and leaky gut is the reason!). Hence, many autoimmune diseases. Hope it can be useful to at least one person here.
I wish you and your families tons of health!
#Love Jelena

So, I have a very very bad eye sight since I was 9yo. Like seriously bad. Without contact lenses or glasses, I really don't see much. Everything is a big blur.

This introduction was just to say how #grateful I am that I can SEE this incredible sunset and appreciate it with all my senses. Breathtaking isn't it?
So grateful for my eyes. So,so grateful. 😍😍😍😍😍 #Love to all of you.

Be happy... not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything❣️#love #amorypaz #happinessquotes #original 🙏❤️🌞😍😘

Stalking or not, this was the cutest video that popped in my feed this morning 😂😂😂 Animals are the best story tellers 😍 and babies and toddlers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️#love

So proud of @sanjamillenkovic her work was on the cover of our @orgnlmagazine a year ago.... and now she has her first exhibit in Paris! Whoever is in town, hope you can go and enjoy her work of art! Bravo Sanja!

Hello November! We've got something special for you 😍🤘 #Repost @orgnlmagazine with @repostapp
Novi #Original čeka vas na trafikama uz @nedeljnik! #ORGNLmagazine #beoriginal #novembar #nedeljnik #original

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"Moralan čovek je najbolji čovek. Moralni život je najteži, ali je i najljudskiji." istakao je profesor Fakulteta političkih nauka Čedomir Čupić za Original magazin.
Šta je još rekao profesor Fakulteta političkih nauka u svom oproštajnom intervjuu, pročitajte u novom Originalu koji će biti na kioscima od 3. novembra uz @nedeljnikmagazin! #ORGNLmagazine #original #nedeljnik #beoriginal #novembar #fakultet #fpn


Lovely day with my sister. She finally convinced me to join her and take a horse riding lesson... what a wonderful experience! 🌞❤️🙈🙊🙈🐎

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