john @jbenhickey

thank you mr. president. here's to a bright future.

stevie and MLK in the oval office. repost from @lizapersky1

thanks agnes martin

always and forever

eternal gratitude, for everything.

who wore it best wait don't answer that @kingofbingo #atlanta #colmandomingo

first trip to the white house today

next best thing to the twilight zone marathon. #myfavoritesong marathon today all day on @siriusxm @radioandysxm

just about sums it up.


whoopi xmas on this week's MFS. @radioandysxm @siriusxm #myfavoritesong

cold balloons

louder, slower, funnier.

thaw the bird before frying.

oh the night is thick

(less than)the majority of voters told her to take a hike, and that's exactly what she did. i am so 100% still with her. AND SHE HAS A DOG. thank you @margotjillian for making the popular vote's day today.

#imwithher voting on west 13th LGBT community center new york city 11/8/16 @bravoandy

jim parsons and george jones on this weeks MFS #myfavoritesong @radioandysxm @siriusxm

stopped the hike

jessie mueller's breathless charm on this week's MFS @radioandysxm @siriusxm #myfavoritesong

rick danko groupie and bway legend patti lupone on this weeks MFS #myfavoritesong @radioandysxm @siriusxm

julie white @jwktex loves the biebz on this week's MFS #myfavoritesong @radioandysxm @siriusxm

somehow even worse as a clothes store. #florent #vanishingnyc

legendary nile rodgers on MFS #myfavoritesong @siriusxm @radioandysxm

@alancummingsnaps plays the wet spots on this weeks MFS @siriusxm @radioandysxm #myfavoritesong

sad, sad, sad.

get well soon

LA whats not to love

put the candle back.

max and benson

chair with legs

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