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"If your phone's dead, does it really even matter that you're alive?" @jerryseinfeld

I met a wolf and it went well

This is my father. Take notes.


...in the pines

Got the eye today

This morning, Chap passed away in his sleep. Many of you had the great pleasure of knowing him; for those of you that didn't I'll explain. Chap was a fighter, a friend, a hunter, a napper, a king, a servant, he was many things. However, his most evident pursuit was to make the lives of those around him as carefree and happy as he was. At this trade, he was masterful. To make other's lives painless was his craft, his mission. In fact, he loved others so completely, that I have come to realize there are really only two options to explain the enigma that is, Chap. He is either the greatest dog that has ever lived, fictional or otherwise; or he is something altogether set apart, an entirely perfect and selfless creature, an entity I will cherish and never understand. From my experience, I am inclined to believe the latter.
I saw a bumper sticker that read, "be the man that your dog thinks you are." But Chap knew who I was, and he loved me anyway; so I will strive to be like him. Love ya Chap

Mountaintop #nofilter #forreal

A few of the pictures of some of the artists of part of ACL

I found an old photography kit #shagcarpet

The man. The legend. The oft-forgotten stache. #happyfathersday

Me and Eric Part Deux: Creeper Edition #calledout #assassinationattemptaverted

Me and Eric #wefriendsnow

Little Murica

First day on the jorb. #bosssaysthisismurica

Cleanin the .45 #Texas #rugged #amicoolnow

Seduction at its finest @colebekarian #tantalizingtuesday

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