Jade @jade_lennox

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Final moments of a shite year👋🏼🖕🏼



Nothing like a 4am trip to Wishaw🍻

My wains first legal drink🍸

Birthday babe🔞❤️#nobrows

Mummy Bear🐻, Daddy Bear🐻 Nd Baby Bear🐻❤️

Pride❤️💛💚💙💜 #glasgowpride

Right before a junkie wished us Happy Birthday🔞

Nicola and her pull. What a lovely couple xxxx


Me Nd Esmerelda⛪️




Lauren's Tropical 18th🌺🌴


Cameron's 21st Yesterday🎉🍾


The day that it was really sunny and we went for a picnic☀️🌲🍓

Nicola forgot sunglasses



Really wish I could remember what I was saying in this picture that was so funny


Angelas 18th🔞🎉


Fav photo❤️💩 #bestbuds #fav

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