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Head over to @JackintheBox Snap Chat today for a sweet surprise .
#Repost from @danny_berk snowboarding and Shakes! It's always fun taking over @jackinthebox Snapchat account for the day....YEW!

Add tacos, duh

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Need I say more?

Why yes. Yes, I do.

2017 is looking tasty. 😋

I feel the pain

Flawless 🍔

It's the most wonderful time of the year

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Gimme, Gimme

Repost from @saritagisselle - First I voted then I treated myself to some #brunchfast from @jackinthebox thanks to @influenster 😻 these are the chicken egg and bacon sandwich and homestyle potatoes and they're bomb🙌🏼 #ad

'Twas the night before finals

Reppin' #brunchfast

How to say "no" to #saddesklunch


After a long day of fights by zombies, you'll work up an appetite. #releaseday

"Please, I promise I'll stop stealing your curly fries"

Yeah, your mouth is watering too.

Repost from @erinaschow - I'll just be over here eating my #brunchfast while I wait in line at the DMV for 20 years. Mini pancake dippers from @jackinthebox can turn any frown upside down. Pro tip: warm the syrup up by putting it in front of your car heater vent blowing hot air. 😛🤘🏻🍴#minifood #pancakeparty #influenster #getinmybelly #girlswithgluten #contest #gotitfree #spon

Totally. Worth. It

Repost from @oishiimoments - Um, I couldn't decide what to order from the NEW brunchfast menu (available all day) at @JackintheBox❗🙈🙊💕 And ended up getting: the brunch burger, bacon & egg chicken sandwich, orange cranberry muffins, mini pancakes, Southwest scrambler plate, egg rolls, curly fries and salads. Then washed it all down with some iced coffee and blood orange cooler. Who would you share this with? P.S. @Amaz.fit, looks like I'll be running 20k miles with ya tomorrow. 😉
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might as well play the lotto while you're at it

Me: Let the curly fry cool off for a second
Me to me: Eat it now. Burn your mouth.

Repost from @basicbitchfoundation - I literally live off of these

What do you think is in the bag?

Keep your eye on the prize

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