Jackie Diedam

Jackie Diedam @jackieillustrated

Brazilian Designer & illustrator based in Germany.
For inquiries ( no DMs please) : hello@jackiediedam.com


This new collection was on my mind for a long time. I really wanted to work more with botanicals and architecture, but at the same time I wanted to create scenes that were whimsical and calm. I don't play the piano, but it has always been my favorite music instrument. It was lovely to do research for this collection and find so many gorgeous conservatories like this one in Brussels. #jackieillustrated

Packing more La La Land prints today! Only 5 left now! 🍾 #lalaland

Quick sketch to update my #meettheartist This is a super fun exercise! I feel that this latest version is much more realistic than my first one (I will put my old version on my stories for comparison) #jackieillustrated #sketchbook

Winter blues

Happy news: I'm now part of @thewomenwhodraw directory, along with amazing artists that I admire since a long time! If you don't know the directory yet, take a look at their page! It's full of great illustrators all with different backgrounds and styles, I've already spent hours getting to know new artists from all over the globe! - also, if you are interested in contributing, they are accepting donations to keep this initiative running! 🎨✨ #womenwhodraw

Originals waiting to be scanned. (I dread scanning works, it's almost as exciting as doing taxes) 😞😭

Warming up this cold Monday morning with a dreamy Marie Antoinette gown @zuhairmuradofficial and @lilyjcollins

Send this original away too, to its rightful owner @lorenzapozza #jackieillustrated #portrait #gouachepainting #gouache

Send lots of prints away yesterday! Most went to US, but none went to LA yet. 😁 Cheers to everyone that has gotten a La La Land print already! 🍾 #jackieillustrated

Not a bad view

Earlier in December, delivering a super important and adorable job at my favorite Brazilian brand. 💛🍋🌸🌴

Boscolana is my spirit pie. Would kill for a piece of it today 😔 #caramelodrama

It's Monday and I really need to clean up the studio 😞 and this includes making space for new pieces on my wall! 😔😭🎨 #jackieillustrated #myworkwall #illustration #gouache #studio

So excited to finally get to watch La La Land tomorrow! I'm already holding myself from listening to the whole soundtrack on Spotify but it's really hard! If this movie is as good as it looks, I might have found a replacement for my beloved Chicago. I already adore the costume design and can't wait to see the choreographies! #illustration #lalaland #gouache #jackieillustrated

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