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Family. Food. Sports. Work. Friends. Travel. Fashion. Art. = happiness

Prepared Thai pomelo salad - contribution for lunch 😜

Traditional ice cream cake for Christmas. 🍰

Joyeux Noël | Maligayang Pasko 🎄from our little family to yours 👫

Christmas markets of Strasbourg/Where gluten-free comes to die 🍰

Christmas in Strasbourg never gets old🎄

Conquered my fear today. 🙈 I rode Classic, the largest equestrian horse I've ever seen!😳

The only thing on my wishlist was this Dr.bronner's peppermint Castillo soap and it was stolen from me twice. At two different parties 😤😩

Tropical themed Christmas party by @piealvarez . Scariest secret santa ever! Lols!

wish this photo wasn't blurry 😂😂

Tropical themed Christmas party. I clearly wana win the prize. 🍍🍍

Friends since 2001: Once we stole 2 golf carts and all together got scolded for it. We've never been closer since! Lol! #Yologs

Roasted spinach with Chilean sea bass and caviar 💯 clean and light. FOO'D by Davide Oldani

Both decided to donate instead of giving gifts to our family and friends 😜

I knew you were meant to be-when you BOTH tried to make each other jealous by picking up a random Barcelona May 2009. 💍 #proudmatchmaker

Sunday shoot 😜

Guess who loves riding horses 🐎🐎 @braedendee

When you're into ur makeup but no where to go tonight 🤔

White Christmas @adidasph

TBT 1991. My dad was supposed to do the groceries he came home with this purple scooter 😝😂 my mom was not happy 😑

First time to visit this beautiful store @lanai_manila 😍 love everything in here!!!

Happy Holidays from the @belobeauty Laser Hair removal lovers 😂

This cutie @scarletsnowbelo visited us at the @xelebgames HQ today 😍


Netflix and chill Sunday night 🤓

Sunday morning Christmas party with the kiddies of Payatas Orione.

Congratulations on Bench Barbers ✂️✂️ @bcbench 💥🤘🏽💯

Facebook tour for the @xelebgames team 🙃

Visited my HS crush @heyitsalion at the Facebook headquarters in Singapore. Awesome tour Al!!! He's single now....Any takers?! 😊❤️

Facebook office tour

Early morning gym selfie. Forcing to myself to finish a treadmill run. I was not happy. 😒

My clothes are tighter after this meal

Morning view 🤘🏽

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