cloudy claire

cloudy claire @ihateclouds

syke clouds are dope !!!

freedom is the blessing that comes with the curse of loss

I am a real photographer, not a white girl with an iPhone 7

peep the soft red glow of the Trader Joe's sign 😍 (pic @foryyyyy)

recruitment got me feelin like this tree (pic creds @reedjul)

⛅️🌥☁️ (ft. shat on the window that wouldn't even come off with water 😷)

Lava in the sky!!!

pt. two

even my phone that only sometimes decides to operate and receive texts/take pictures/send texts/function in general can make this is sunrise look incredible!

The only proof I'm somewhere warm (besides my mom's Facebook but I'm not letting her tag me in shit). Better you be blinded by the beauty of the sky than my pale a$$


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood


Sun is setting on the semester. It's a metaphor. Think about it. (courtesy of @foryyyyy)

nice :)



"where I'd rather be" post #1

some pretty puffers from today, enjoy it while it lasts because it's gonna be fckin nasty tomorrow!

strong independent cloud who don't need no other clouds!!! (& s/o to ur mom @ranger_rick400)

thx for the sweet pic @daniiipulido !!!

big puffy dood

New River Gorge, WV

winnie s ✈️ sf

Salem Lake at sunset ⛅️