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Just a remembrance of our dogs that have passed away on this September and October due to an unknown viral or bacterial epidemic or old age. We will all miss you Xeleb, Ida, Zoe, Minnie, Colleen, Jack, Princess and Jejemon. Rest in peace, see you guys at Rainbow Bridge..

Zoey put up a great fight, but in the end, kidney disease beat her. We lost a friend today. She is irreplaceable. I love you Zoey. Rest in Peace.

Thanks to all of you who made it an awesome season!! #crosscountry

Hiking to the crater of Taal Volcano 🏔

Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, it simply means I'll miss you, until we meet again. 💖Goodbye @ilovecism!! I'll miss all of you🌟

⚫️⚪️ Challenge accepted ⚪️⚫️ @nandika_kushi

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Having lunch in Chateau de Siran a home to Tita @sevrinette ,Tito @teddymiailhe , @anabelle_miailhe , @ben_miailhe , @eliotmiailhe , and @the0phil3 Their house is huge; perfect for all of my family's 48 dogs... Hehe.

Dune du Plya, France 💖🏔

Sunbathing in Arcachon with Leo the dog..☀️

Harrods! 🏙🏙

I wasn't aware that a dessert could be so aesthetically pleasing -@alexhelenag

I'm a birdie 🐤🐤

We made 100 Eco friendly, green solar lamps. @ilovecism Student led effort to illuminate the lives of the Aeta Community! #lightupph @literoflight @illacdiaz

Earth hour's coming up soon and to spread awareness, @ilovecism arranged a concert dedicated to fighting climate change! On March 19, over 7,000 cities will be turning off their lights for an hour. You can do your part too. Let's all work together and save the earth! #earthhour @wwf

Day 3: Master Chef Jr!! We were assigned to make a chicken dish, a drink, and an appetizer. We made a salad, grilled chicken breast, and chocolate milkshake!!🍴🍗🍗💯😁 #enchantedfarm #masterchef #💯 #elianastraveladventures

Day 2: Farming! 🍅🌶🌽🍊Middle school had to harvest all this! An hour's work done. Sadly, all these fruits and veggies are only worth around 2,500 pesos. It gives me a newfound appreciation for the food put on our plates! #enchantedfarm #harvest #elianastraveladventures

Day 1: Off to Bulacan!! Highlight #1 of my day. We were able to see baby goats!! #goats #elianastraveladventures

The all new VIP seating for the lion dance! The bored construction workers watching our Anual CISM Chinese New Year Dance!! #chinesenewyear #liondance 🐲🦁💁🏾

Happy early a Chinese New Year everyone!!💖💖

Happy Birthday Papa!! You're the best!! Love you💖💖 @kuyakim_atienza #birthday

🎤Kill the avocados🎤 🎤Peel the avocados🎤 Just incase you were having a bad Monday👻!! #guacamolesong @gabeeeh @chloefication @alex.h.g.i

It's #tbt!!! Just some old photos of @emmanatienza and @jhatienza. 💖👶🏾💖

Get ready.. Get set.. Go!! Post race selfie of the #cmcarnival after finishing a 3k fun run with @kuyakim_atienza @emmanatienza and @jhatienza. This run is my favorite so far because as you run, they throw packets of colored powder at you! My nose hurts because of breathing in to much powder and my mouth hurts from swallowing it. Haha! ❤️🌟❤️ #funrun

#Repost @feliciaatienza with @repostapp. One of my favorite moments of #christmas2015!👻 ・・・
SNOWBALL FIGHT!! 🎄⛄️❄️@iamelianaatienza & @emmanatienza "FIRE at @jhatienza !!" DOIIIINK! Miss... Aaaaaaaah RUN for the hills!!!! @kuyakim_atienza #Christmas2015 #elianastraveladventures

On a #vacation right now with @kuyakim_atienza @feliciaatienza @emmanatienza and @jhatienza! After a long hard day of skiing, it's nice to just unwind in bed. Good night from #whistlervillage! #elianastraveladventures

Look who came for breakfast! Starstruck by our handsome Tito @dongdantes! 💁🏻🌟🌟🌟 #dongdantes @kuyakim_atienza @jhatienza @feliciaatienza @emmanatienza

We made bento boxes today!!😍🍱🍱 Special thanks to @bentobykat for teaching us how to make this💁🏻❤️❤️ #bentoforkids #bentobox

Finals has really taken a toll on some people.. 😢 📚📖📓📒🖋 #finals2015 #finals Good luck to @catchellovers @gabeeeh @chloefication @alex.h.g.i @justinyo1314 @calvin4dwin

Smh... I think I'm obsessed with Polaroids. I have an entire album somewhere!🙃🙃📸📸 #Polaroid #obsessed

The effects of #APEC #trAPEC.. 🚗🚕🚙🚌🚚🚛💨💨💨

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