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Imma make you hurt
Imma make you hurt
Snap: talia892

Hello, welcome to Waterworld (starring Kevin Costner)

"I'm war, hoe" -Yung Lean

Happy buttday, ya cocksucker

Givin kisses to my fishes

In honor of my best friend, and big brother, leaving today for college here's a picture of both our ugly mugs lookin goofy. You've taught me so much about not givin a fuck and how to thug. You also taught me how to dress so I look like a G, not a butt man. Thanks for always being there and for listening to my ridiculous rants. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you or how I'm gonna roll outta school in style without bumpin music with you. Plz come home soon because I am already a mess. You've always got my back and I've always got yours. People always freak about how close we are and it's true, I know all your raunchy stories and we've never really fought which is cool. Sorry for the sappy post but I miss my big brudder and we never really say it but I love you and I'm super proud of you. I'm always gonna be tryna live up to my big brudder. Also sorry this doesn't make much sense but whatevs. All I have left to say is, dicks out for harambe.

"Middle fingers up in my flicks, ballin out like I'm one of the Knicks" -Tame One

Happy National Best Friend's Day to the OG homie. Don't know where I'd be without you. Love you, man. #doitforthekids #thekidsarescreamingbro

We're smiling cuz we just saw a very large snail

"Cause you know mama, you didn't raise no bitch" -Outlaws Thanks for making me the realest playa out thur moma

Happy birthday Basil Bear!! Can't wait to koala you in the pool some more 😏 I love you so much!! 💕 Hope your birthday is as gr8 as this pic

We do it better than the Kardashians

Feat. Stupid ass sweet onion wheat thins and a slimy boi

Happy national sibling day to this dank dink, who is basically my twin.. Also happy national sibling day to the other ones, you guys are pretty dank too...

I eat boys like you for breakfast.

A Laced Odyssey #3001

Born to ill like I was born too ill //📷: @maxmitzigee

I only came for Andreas, fuck the rest of NYC

In thrift stores like DMs: always. #siblingappreciation

Hey, I'm dead... Wanna hookup?

"Lost my fuckin mind and I ain't tryna find it either" -Granite State

Missing my #1 Russian and Salsa con Queso


"Kids in the back sleepin
I'm in the dark schemin" -I Self Devine

All these dumbasses wolf whistling, watch a real man howl

"Catch me on the wrong night, watch your cheese, kid" -Qualm

Life's a bitch and you get treated like one

Goon Squad feat. Detective Jefferson Zorse

"So I became a bully // how I became a bully" -LoDeck

Walking away from my responsibilities like...

'Bout a week ago #tbt

A religious experience

Basically homies (I swear he's not trying to kill me)\\shouts out to the drunk guy that took this

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