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Wrapping up the Diwali #diwali

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L.G.S 4.0

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AASMAAN-Lets Go Shopping 4.0!
One of our biggest events at Aasmaan is back. LGS now in its 4th year! A full day shopping extravaganza for underprivileged kids from different NGOs from different parts of the city!! Tentative Event Date: 23rd October

Work begins: 23rd September

For the 1st time we are opening up ​Leadership opportunities​ in addition to Volunteering opportunities!If you think you can hustle enough (Leader or Volunteer), register on the following link:


We are looking out for passionate people with the desire and time to spread compassion and Kindness! "Let us Together make Kindness More Contagious"

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*Happy Birthday AASMAAN*

Today our AASMAAN turns 7! The journey towards creating an equal society and making "Kindness Contagious" has been quite eventful. We have had lots of hits and misses along the way but we have survived all of it and stuck together! Our family of 200+ Aasmaanites spread now all over the world turns a new page today!
Presenting AASMAAN Baroda Chapter! If you are in Baroda(Vadodara) or know anyone in Baroda who wants to give something back to the society, you can join by filling the form below!
Link: bit.ly/aasmaan_join

P.S- We are passionately moving forward with launch of some new projects in Ahmedabad next month too. To join us in those endeavours, you can fill the same form which is in the link provided above. "Let Kindness Be Contagious"

Haha if it was my first day as a professor i would definitely do that

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