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Grez Claveria ✈️🇵🇭 @grezcg

Corporate I.T. Specialist at SYKES USA
Food and Travel Blogger
Twitter: @grezcg
This IG account is about my life in a nutshell.

Pizza 🍕 party at the office.
Good job, #sykesithelpdesk ! woot! 👍😎

Because we can..hehehe

Midnight snackin' with Jarle. Thanks to #McDonalds 24 hour delivery service. Tunay na maaasahan. hehehe 😁
#bonding #foodtrip #eating #home

Rest day ❤

Alone on the bus.. Grabe nman Uber 'to. pati sa bus na rin? lols 😊😂

Goto/lugaw food trip with Madam.. 😊

Goto with Egg and Tokwa't Baboy by #ParesRetiro ❤ Both are masarap. ☺

1st Selfie and shift for 2017

Celebrated New Year at work. 😊

Another gift. Thank you, Kay! .. and you are welcome. ☺ I'm proud of what you've become. You've blossomed into our junior. One day you'll be ready to be in our post. ☺ Have faith. Thank you for listening and believing in us. Release lang nang release. Char! hahahaha! 😂😂😂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! #GrezianChristmasSeason2016

Happy Birthday, friend @rouenoke ! 😀🎂❤😊

@allaboutpats kailangan pagbukas ko nito ma-feel ko talaga ang love at sumaya nako ah? charaught! hahaha! thank you, Alex and @patwisha10 ! 😊😊😊 Merry Christmas!

Tasting this gift from IT Helpdesk SSG. Cheers to all of us and a tap on everyone's shoulder for a job well done. 😊 Braise yourselves for 2017. Lols! 😂 Just kidding. lols #GrezianChristmas2016

My Chicken with Rosemary Butter Sauce 😊 #GrezianChristmas2016

I made Mac and Cheese 😊 I'm not good with plating but I can cook. Pardon the presentation. hehehe.. 😁 #GrezianChristmas2016

Team ITHD- SSG rockin' it before Christmas. 😊 Thanks sa treat @aye.elle ! #1Sykes #ITHelpdeskSSG #SupportCenterMNL

My evolution from Dec 2015 to Dec 2016. I miss my 2015 self. ❤ 2016 was such an emotional and career struggle for me. I feel very tired and worn out until I climbed Mangakew last month. I just feel thankful that 2016 is about to end and that our team was able to form and hone new blood. Our new breed still doubt their abilities but they'll get there. I'm sure. Believe in yourselves, guys! 😊

New look for the new year and new me. GREZ version 3.0 😋

A very Merry Christmas indeed. Happy to receive gifts ❤😊 Thank you, Boss @m3ljohn !
By the way, thanks din, Joeric, sa exhange gift. Di ko na napicturean hehehe..

My 1st photo beside a Christmas tree this year. 😁 Advance Merry Christmas all the way from Shaw 500! 😁😁😁 #SYKES #S500

#sykesithelpdesk gives back. ❤🙂 #sykesit

#sykesithelpdesk Christmas party 👍 This is ITHD SSG. #ITSupportCenter #sykesit

at the #SYKESITHelpdesk Christmas party last Saturday. #sykesit

SYKES IT Helpdesk Christmas Party 2016

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