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Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"👏
Represent that 850
BTWHS Alumna.
God and Family

3 years ago I was given this special bracelet by a special little girl and ever since that day I've always worn it wherever I go. She was your true definition of not only a princess but also a angel. I always promised her and myself I would never lose this band or let her go and I'm keeping this promise. Morgan I love and miss you Princess but i know you are in a better place. Yall please give a like to show that you care and you are praying for Morgan's family after this devastating loss.😭👑💝

IT'S OFFICIAL! Before y'all say anything yall go ahead and follow me on that snap!! 💯😎✌

Gettin these dubs with my squad!! 💯🏈💯 #dubnation #squad

Happy Birthday to my youngest little man turning 5 today. Already following in your uncles footsteps. Love you Eri!! 💓⚽ #ballislife #family

Happy Birthday to this diva also known as my sister. Although she can be sassy sometimes she's still my sister and i wouldn't want her either way. You need to know that today is your day to act a fool a be mih. Happy birthday kid love you!! 🎂🍨🎉🎊❤

Happy Birthday to the most important person in my life. This man is my rock and my inspiration as well. Its crazy how 19yrs have gone by and you're still here with me. Im not only happy to call you my friend but im even more happy to call you my dad. Its the big 5,0 for you today. Happy birthday dad i love you.

Since i have to. WCW goes to this mutt. Although she's sassy and loud she's still cute and hella fun to be around love you hailey!!❤💖💓 #whitegirls #bae

Once again Happy Birthday to my queen my fierce lady aka my mom. Idk how you were able to put up with me for 19 yrs but you did. Today is your day so enjoy every minute of it love you mom!!💗

Newest member of the family!!🐶 #rotweiler #tut

Wcw goes to this little cutie. Love you Em!!😉💗 #wcw

I just wanna take this time to say happy birthday to my big sis keosha. Taking care of 3 kids all by herself and still doing well. You are one of the most independent women I've ever met love you sis.

Enough said. Like if you agree #2016 #myyear

Since its that time of the season tbt to dominatin the field, gettin cussed out in Portuguese and giving out crazy ass haircuts with my bros. #brothersforlife #missyall #2015

Never Forget

TBT to dominating the court with the squad I miss these boys sorry about the pic rasean and daz #squad #2015

Family Reunion Banquet in Birmingham with my beautiful date!!! #mom #lookingood

Filthy boyz at orientation!! #UWF

TBT when my little man was puttin in that work #Beast #1coach #taughthimwell

I just wanted to say that this has been the best four years anyone could ask for. From day one we were loudest funnest and of course the best class ever. Idc what nobody says 2015 is the best senior class of all time. Now we're going our own ways but i want to say good luck to all of you in the real world. Tomorrow is our day to celebrate. I love each and every single one of yall man and i hope see you all in the future. #2015 #werunth15s #ourtime

Happy Mothers day to the most important women in my life. From day one she has always taken care of me and my older sisters love you mom!! #mothersday #thebest

Its official the soccer season is over with a new journey begins in our lives but i will never forget the good times i had with my brothers. #soccerbanquet #brothersforlife. #seniors

Im in heaven #destin #birthdaytrip

The first thing i see at the movie theatre. #Fastandfurios7. #rondarousey

Happy Birthday to my favorite soccer player and my idol. @ronaldinhooficial #Ronaldinho #Beast

All stars!!! Last time i step on a field with my friends and my brothers lets go out with a bang seniors!! #Seniors #AllStars. #WestSide

Tbt to my boys comin to my last game as a wildcat. #fam #myboys

Training time got to stay fit during the break!!

Christmas parade with the fam.

Visiting uwf today hopin to get in

Soccer Schedule lets get the season started!!!

Happy Birthday my little man 3yrs old now and still loves to say roll tide love you Eri. #nephew #Ke'Eric

Got me a poster from he man volleyball thanks Selena #seniors #wedontgettired @Selenawilliamsbaee

Cmon Gators lets go #gators #Gatornation

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