Georgina @georgiegirl2005

Worlds Most Pampered Dog

Today was a momentous day for America!#CaninesSupportWomen

To All The Women in My Family Marching in D.C. & Boston Tomorrow Be safe!#PeacefulProtest


Got my stitches out & laser therapy by my friends at Neffsville Vet.Thanks Neffsville for all your TLC.#LoveMyPeeps@NeffsvilleVet!ā¤

Out for a Sunday drive with my new seatbelt. Loving the color!#SafetyFirst

Nothing like a lazy Sunday morning.#sleepinginā¤

End of a long week with an unexpected surgery.#TGIF

Morning Bliss.#ILoveMyMorningNaps

Working off those holiday pounds.#HappyNewYear!

All mink'ed up!#HappyNewYear'sEvešŸø

Resting up for a winter storm.#StayingWarm

Let's get this party started! Time to open my gifts!#HowManyGiftsAreMine

Have a very Merry and Fashionable Christmas!#MerryChristmasFromGeorgie

I hope all dogs get their very own Christmas tree dedicated to them.#CelebrateCaninesThisChristmas

Taking a rest after three days of laser therapy on my ACL.#LoveBeingSpoiled

My first full walk in 12 days. Yippee!#WearingMyNewBrace

Guess who tore her other ACL. Wearing my new custom brace.#AgingIsNotForSissies

Too cold to be outside for very long. Catching up on my reading.#TGIF

Because every dog needs their ornaments from Neiman Marcus.#GettingReadyForSanta

Totally devastated today. Might need to have extra bacon treats.#NoTrump

Get out and vote!#BarkTheVote

Well it is bath night and I made sure my favorite Joe Malone candle was burning and they used Kiehl's products for canines. But it was still torture.#BathingIsABitch

Happy Halloween! Make it a safe one. Woof!

Because pearls go with everything.


This is so true!

Some call it a store... I call it My Church.ā¤ļø

Happy Friday! Enjoy Your weekend.

Loved working out with my personal trainer this morning. Getting my core ready to show off at the beach.

Have to get ready for Bikini season.#ExcerciseIsABitch

I am pretending it is the new gladiator sandal from Jimmy Choo. As you can see I am not quite totally convinced. But it is supposed to heal my ACL tear.#PrettyInPink

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