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Today is the first class of creative writing. I have longed for this opportunity and I want to thank my school and Ollavi for making it possible (: #morafolkhögskola #skeriol #school #creative #writing

CS, kompisar, nerdrage men ändå fun times. Mår i princip som bäst när jag spelar datorspel, total mind numbing och allt knasigt i världen bara försvinner. Oh! Jag är vegetarian sen 8 dagar tillbaka just to try it och det går super hittills även fast jag känner mig som en 0 IQ potatis framför kylen på ICA letandes käk till de nu nya främmande men ändå spännande måltiderna (: Anyway, confession: Jag mår inte så bra. Alls. Varje dag är en kamp mot inre irrationella tankar som jag inte har någon kontroll över. Ibland vinner dom och jag tappar kontrollen över mitt sinne, och ibland vinner jag, som idag, och kände att jag borde dela lite när jag väl kan. Sharing is healing, friends, och bara för att ni läser hjälper ni mig att må bättre. Så från mig, till er; tack för att ni finns

Harrys und köttbulle und Nea equals very good night 😀
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I have my books
And my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armor
Hiding in my room
Safe within my womb
I touch no one and no one touches me
I am a rock
I am an island
And a rock feels no pain
And an island never cries -S&G

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We Batman today!
Starting a journey to a healthier life later, seeing a PT that'll help me work out with my busted shoulder. Here's for a better tomorrow (: #school #batman #health #healthy #workout #glad #happy #life #positivity #smile #skeriol #morafolkhögskola

I felt the need to write and to get something out there that burdened my soul yesterday, and one english session later I felt good again 😊
Have an amazing day folks!

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The chilliest morning thus far this autumn gifted a spectacular view over the lake. The mist was carefully caressing the water while it gave me the opportunity to behold and appreciate its beauty. I love waking up early to live moments like these. Purrfect start to the day!
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Maturing is realizing; this is how your face looks. Be proud of it. Today, I'm not mature. Time to look for wisdom in this rollercoaster of a what feels like irreparable mind. Clarity and consistency in the sense that I am enough every single day is what I'm looking for. Uh, why are we our worst enemies?

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Freddie i soffan, esl New York på TV, nyttiga cheesecakemuffins i frysen, mätt & belåten, Nea fotar och är lycklig. Jag är lycklig. Kan leva så här ett väldigt bra tag framöver. Heja liveeeeet! Keep on feedin me happiness & love. Have a good day guys ❤

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One last thunder before snow covers us
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Underbara människa

I love you, I love you

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So this happened. Feels good.

Autumn Feelings

Slow down. Let it come to you and don't stress about soceity's time limit. If you don't become acknowledged in a year, that's fine. If it takes you three years to get a degree, that's fine. If it takes you a couple of weeks to complete a school project, that is fine. If it takes you your whole life to fully know yourself, that is fine. Everything is fine if you choose to look at it as a lesson. So learn. Evolve. It'll come. Slow down, soldier.

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#Learn #School

I'm enjoying myself way too much right now. My head is bursting like a radiant star and heart is telling me hey fuckface, glad you're finally finding yourself and enjoy being who you are instead of copying others trying to fit in to a generic i'm gonna bend you to my will and form you how I see fit system. I am learning so much about myself too fast, it's like a decades worth of potential is creeping up in light speed and giving me insight, and I don't want it to slow down. I'm ready for it and hellfire satans matches fuck a duck and see what hatches i'll embrace this fucker and form him to the being he was meant to be. Hopefully I won't stumble and crash and create another crater filled with doubt but nahh, ima be aight. So will you. Cheers.
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Five minute morning writing

And as
Drew my
when the
found and
my Face
for the
Time, your
Sigh of
made Cheeks
Wet and
made their
Touch their
Ears and
the Hearts
of your
Loved Ones
and from
Pain I
was Born
and I
Became A
Loved One

#Morningsession #Writing #Poem #Happy #Create #Love #Birth #Welcome #simple #art

Hey asshole, you're beautiful. Amazing, a good singer, creative, artistic, kind, wise, loving, caring, excited. You are enough. You know this. So why are you telling yourself otherwise? Fuck. Some days man. I want the euphoric moments to last forever, I want my nights to be full of disney princess sleep moments like Törnrosa because cba to google the english name although it would be nice to have a girl kiss me out of my sleep instead of a dude - yet this is wishful thinking for it is replaced by night terrors and many "I need to leave the bed and listen to music while frantically moving around or play video games in the middle of the now pitch black nights because the silence is louder than a concert and a lot more scary" type of nights. Whatever. Fuck. No, not fisk autocorrect, fuck. But let's keep going and learn and grow and love and sing and be the best decent fucking human being imaginable. Maybe someday i'll be touched by God because of all the pluspoints i'm gaining everyday instead of getting gnawed at by the Devil. With that, have a fantastic day.

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So it's time for English Class again, ay mate? Like a loner to others but a secret undiscovered poet underneath his thick hoodie and sometimes arrogant beliefs he sits alone in this room awating his teacher with high hopes she read and praised the text from his heart not romantically of course but with intention of showing people the creative mind he's kept hidden for so long oh my god i'm losing my breath reading well i'll end it with i'm beautiful and amazing and so are you and you people who'll occupy the empty chairs in a manner of minutes shit class is starting gotta go bye
#Morafolkhögskola #skeriol #morafolkhogskola

Börjar folkhögskola på måndag, studera upp alla missade betyg. Tacksam för att man bor i Sverige och dessa alternativ finns! 😊 Kommer bli en väldigt rik och härlig höst/vinter :} LifeStatus: Sublime
Motivation: Skyrocket

Let's do this.

#School #Lifeisawesome #Love #Stacho

Woke up with sadness without reason, I don't know why but I just want to tell you that you're all amazing. So catch the love I'm throwing your way. We all need it. God knows I've got it. 💗 #love

As the
Filled His
Mind with
in Bed, in
Night, He

put Her
Around His
Became a
Replaced with

And in
Smiled, for
in the
Night and
in the

Smiled, because
Smiled, because

So my dear friend computer peaced out and exploded yesterday making me a grieving widower. Need someone with life experience that can teach me how to dougie & how to RL. If you like this picture, you are evil. (J/k please like to show support and sadness) #RIP

Väldigt done efter första gympasset på länge. Känns amazing! Freddes schema as per usual @justanotherchallenge

Gloomy day, waynes & a dog's worry of her mothers trip to your local tool store. Zzz. Meanwhile, a cold & bored out if his face Fred is waiting faithfully in a half wet, rolled-down windowed, stinky car. God I miss netflix. Finished my chai, damn. Time to go.

P.S. Not wearing seatbelt cause non moving car. Chill out, moral nazis.

There and back again

Åkte tydligen förbi Brittas Kurbitslada när jag tog fotot.
Oh you, Fu.


Christina, jag följde dig sen 2010 när du gjorde Just A Dream tillsammans med Sam & Kurt. Till denna dag är det den bästa covern jag hört och kommer alltid att lyssna tillbaka då & då för att höra din obeskrivligt vackra röst. Så mycket talang och en sån fantastisk snäll människa. Jag förstår mig inte på världen och jag är så, så ledsen. #RIPGrimmie

Du var i Borlänge påväg hem efter att blivit besviken på Warcraft (x1000 gråtemojis).

Practiiice with the team 🙊🙌

Zzz slow eater 😡

I'm on the train randomly meditating about why we exist, and why we should care about anything at all when in the grand scheme, you and me as an individual will not have an impact on anything. Comparing yourself to our galaxy or the universe seem to frighten some people, because they feel the overwhelming size of it all and start to think of themselves as a being of no importance. And well, in truth, to the universe, you are. When it comes down to the fraction of a second-old mankind, we are nothing. And in that realization, I find peace. Because whenever I get nervous or say something drastic and stupid I remind myself and compare my body and the earth to our universe. And what I find is not confidence, but a void where my actions don't matter. In the end, what I do with my life will not affect the outcome of our existence. I am merely a privilaged wanderer with the destination unknown, doing what feels right for me and for the other lucky members of our short-lived adventure. I don't have time to be anxious or sorry, I will make the most of my journey, without regret. I don't believe in consequence, I believe in nothingness. And in that, I am happy.

Straight Outta Fresh Haircut

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