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We're down to five. Who will remain in #HellsKitchen? Tune in tonight at 8/7c! 🔥🔥🔥

#TeamJudd is prepping for their celebrity guests. Grab a seat at the table and watch an all new #MyKitchenRules TONIGHT at 9/8c!

Don't miss the fabulous @queenlatifah and @kingamiyahscott in an all-new episode of #STAR tonight at 9/8c!

Things are getting serious. Find out what's going down on #LethalWeapon TONIGHT at 8/7c on FOX.

A new page in #Bones: The Final Chapter begins TONIGHT at 9/8c.

Tonight is the night! Don't miss an all-new episode of #TheMick at 8:30/7:30c on FOX.

It's always fun and games on #NewGirl. An all-new episode airs tonight at 8/7c.

Who will Gordon and Bullock find in #Gotham? Find out tonight at 8/7c.

We'll see you soon, Lucifans! An all-new episode of #Lucifer airs tonight at 9/8c.

Watch the drama unfold TONIGHT on an epic one-hour episode of #TheSimpsons at 8/7c!

Catch an all-new episode of #TheMick TONIGHT at 9/8c - after The Simpsons.

Don't miss an all-new #Rosewood tonight at 8/7c.

#SleepyHollow is all-new tonight at 9/8c.

An all-new #HellsKitchen airs tonight at 8/7c!

TONIGHT is the night you've been waiting for. Don't miss the premiere of #MyKitchenRules at 9/8c!

It's time to break out. #PrisonBreak returns April 4 on FOX. 🔓

No murders go unsolved when Murtaugh and Riggs are on the case. Make sure to catch #LethalWeapon TONIGHT at 8/7c.

#Bones: The Final Chapter returns for a new episode tonight.

Don't miss a new episode of #TheMick TONIGHT at 8:30/7:30c on FOX.

A toast! 🍸 #NewGirl has a brand new episode tonight at 8/7c.

The supernatural is back TONIGHT on the season premiere of #SleepyHollow. Be there.

Rosilla and the #Rosewood crew are back on the case in tonight!

In ONE WEEK the juiciest cooking competition is going down. Be there for the premiere of #MyKitchenRules, January 12 at 9/8c!

#HellsKitchen is now on THURSDAYS! Tune in tonight for back-to-back new episodes starting at 8/7c!

@lennykravitz, @theoriginalbigdaddy and @iamnaomicampbell make a powerful dream team. 🙌 See them TONIGHT at 9/8c for the #STAR series premiere!

Riggs and Scorsese are calling the shots. Don't miss #LethalWeapon TONIGHT at 8/7c.

Time to flex those muscles! #NewGirl is back TONIGHT at 8/7c!

Don't miss a brand NEW episode of #TheMick at its regular time, TONIGHT at 8:30/7:30c!

The finale season of #Bones begins tonight at 9/8c!

Don't miss @masterchefonfox's #MCShowdown TONIGHT at 8/7c!

It's a race against the clock. Watch the one-hour #Brooklyn99 WINTER FINALE tonight at 8:30/7:30c!

Happy New Year! Don't miss the special premiere of #TheMick tonight at 8/7c!

@kaitlinolson stars in @themickfox. Don't miss the special premiere TOMORROW at 8/7c. #TheMick

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