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Always positive (Y)
Thursday May 19
to live much more
Music Electronic <3 M.C.X.A.L.M.F.J.I.M ▲

The fact ensure weapons at the door, does not mean that our brains are grenades

Nobody suffers never always finds a reason to be well

We must never lose motivation always you have to be very good not to miss

Waiting for an Answer That Does not Lie

The days pass but we will remain the same people as always

Good energy with me and with you

When you can see improvements the world also improves

Countdown to continue moving forward

Keep walking with or without love

The heart so important of an animal that loves all the time

I will always be that person who admires too much

Tranquility catches you when all the bad things happen

The fun of this time

Boards during the time

A red and boring heart

Dominare my pain to fulfill my dream

Certainly rest is still the same effort

The month that inspires me to go ahead showing the best of me

Stop mistreating innocent with your intention to grow

A great person admires friends who are in your life

Find a star of the constellation and write a beautiful song

Seeing the opposite side of happiness

The glass is mine

Life is amazing when you are someone.

Look in your thoughts for the right words

Concentration in progress

More peace for all the inhabitants of the earth

Let time begin to form sounds of love

I'm not defeated very weak

Trying to be big as idols

The light of your voice guides me in every song

I'll tell you a secret, music makes me happy.

The Life It tells you silence and you talk

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