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📸: small moments, the beautiful and complex ones.

First selfie of 2017. Spa-ing at home for Treat Yo Self Tuesday. A delightful start to what is becoming a week of good news on every side.

It’s a deeply unsettling thing for me, to admire strangers like I do the Obamas. But they have an undeniable magnetism, Michelle and Barack - I can’t help but feel familiar. As they leave the White House I’m reflecting on why the 44th POTUS and FLOTUS make me feel this way. And it’s this. If I ever needed a picture of enduring hope, if I ever needed an education in love and leadership, if I ever needed a story on what it means to be black, to be brilliant, to be beautiful and complex, they provided it all. What a legacy.

2017, enchantée.

Dec 2016: long overdue one with my brother, Shabazz. Never left a brunch table with my spirit so full and my heart encouraged that God is working in my relationships. (My meal wasn’t photogenic, or that tasty but we leave that kind of thing to @theFive.Es.)

Dec 2016: Team J.

Wake, pray, slay. 🙏🏾

My very best friend.

Where the heart is.

December 2016: celebrating the adding of years unto the life of my dear friend, Timi. That smile always illuminates my heart. I pray God gives you many more years, and several more reasons to smile.

Waiting game.

Catching up with this beauty at @citiboysam’s mag launch was a delight. Room full of visionaries and movers, May 2016. #AVLaunch

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. — Sophia Loren.

Take every opportunity to laugh. Laugh at the odds. Laugh at yourself and with each other. Laugh from the depths of your belly, and let the reverberations make you over.


Paris magnifies our spirits.


J., 2016.

2016: the year of spending lunch at meetings, for the passion.

I ignored womens mags until @darlingmagazine, then nothing was the same.

Rare overshare. La famiglia, 2015.

Suya, a whole new world.

Be young, be foolish, be happy.

Farm visits.

Ibadan o ni baje.

Rainy days in Lagos. 🏡



A vintage.

A vintage, sweet surprise.

A vintage, to Old Askeans. 🍾

A 2013.

Vintage, through the eyes of deep friendship.

Vintage, 2011. Post-exam munch.

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