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Emmanuelle Atienza @emmanatienza

Went to Manila Zoo today with my dad @kuyakim_atienza and my yaya, Ate Alicia's, family! We saw all the beautiful animals and got to take pictures with the birds!

Haaapppy New Year!! Eating the last dinner of 2016 in Hotel Pichlmayrgut with friends and family!

Spending a part of my winter break in Austria, skiing, sledding, and bonding with Tita @sevrinette, Tito @teddymiailhe, @ben_miailhe, @anabelle_miailhe, @the0phil, Elliot, Tita Barbara, Tito Miguel, Alicia, Stephanie, and of course, my family, mama @feliciaatienza, papa @kuyakim_atienza, @iamelianaatienza, and @jhatienza!

Spending the last full day of staying in London in Winter Wonderland with @iamelianaatienza, @jhatienza, mama @feliciaatienza, and papa @kuyakimatienza. We went ice skating and went on a lot of rides but watching the show in Zippo's circus was definitely the highlight of Winter Wonderland!

Had a fun morning at MOA doing the bubble run (5k) Christmas edition with papa @kuyakim_atienza, @jhatienza, and @iamelianaatienza! The bubbles were up to my head (before they were all popped! Haha) #rdfbubblerunjoy #bubblerunph #fundaysunday

Had a fun afternoon at @manilaoceanpark with papa @kuyakim_atienza and @iamelianaatienza! We swam with the stingrays, did fun tricks with the sea-lions, played with the penguins, and got a fish massage. #fatherdaughters #manilaoceanpark #funfilledafternoon

Thanks Seoyun (@swirly_duck ) for sticking with me for the past 3 months that I have spent in ISM!!! You were one of my first friends in ISM and you helped me get around. Everyone please follow @swirly_duck she is super nice and funny, I probably wouldn't have fit in without her help.

Just a remembrance of our dogs that have passed away on this September and October due to an unknown viral or bacterial epidemic or old age. We will all miss you Xeleb, Ida, Zoe, Minnie, Colleen, Jack, Princess and Je Je Mon. Rest in peace, let's meet again in rainbow bridge.

Gone but not forgotten... I love you Zoe; you were a big part of our family. I'll certainly miss hearing your bark every morning and seeing you right behind the gate of our house after school everyday wagging your tail. You were an amazing dog who I will never forget.

Happy 14th Birthday Jose!!!!!! I can't believe you are 14! Thank you Tita @gretsfullido and Tito @simongreatwich for celebrating his birthday with us!

Thank you to all my friends who stay in @ilovecism for being by my side through thick and thin. You all have a place in my heart. I'll miss you guys until we meet again (hopefully soon!!!) thank you CISM for bringing a wonderful experience in my life which I will never forget.i

Happy 12th Birthday Eliana! You are very joyous, hilarious, and fun to be around, I am very happy to have you as a sister. Love you!

Having lunch in Chateau de Siran a home to Tita @sevrinette ,Tito @teddymiailhe , @anabelle_miailhe , @ben_miailhe , @eliotmiailhe , and @the0phil3 Their house is huge; perfect for all of my family's 48 dogs... Hehe.

Resting in the beautiful dunes of Arcachon with this amazing view! I'm here with @anabelle_miailhe , @ben_miailhe , @jhatienza , @iamelianaatienza , @teddymiailhe ,and @feliciaatienza . You should've came with us to the dunes @sevrinette ! You'd love it here papa @kuyakim_atienza I miss you!

I am in Arcachon visiting family friends Tita @sevrinette @ben_miailhe and @anabelle_miailhe and soon @eliotmiailhe I wish you could come @kuyakim_atienza so you could enjoy the trip with us!

Back in London meeting up with my Tita Heather! After settling in her apartment, we decided to go to Harrods one of the most iconic landmarks in London! Here's a picture of one of the delicious food they serve here! Missing you @kuyakim_atienza 😢

Just finished my ballet recital yesterday night! Thank you @daniellagana , @kuyakim_atienza , and @feliciaatienza for watching my performance with @iamelianaatienza #stepsdancecentre #stepsph @steps.ph

At Linapacan island, voted clearest water in the world! My paradise has been found! Reunited with old family friends @anabelle_miailhe @ben_miailhe and Tita @sevrinette . #paradisebeach

Haaapppyyy 1st birthday Kathleena! Your parents throw an amazing party! This birthday had a bouncy castle, a "candy buffet" , a cotton candy station, a crafting area ,and awesome entertainment! #happybirthday #CAKE #bestpartyever

Thank you very much Tita Jet for giving me this special edition Barbie! It is the best. Gift. Ever. #Barbie #feelingspecial

This is one of the best ideas ever made! #literoflight came to our school @ilovecism and taught us how to make a solar light and in about 3 hours 50 people made 100 of them! This is truly amazing. Liter of light is going to give these solar lights to Pampanga in 6 months going through a ton of provinces to give light to other children there to study! #lightupph #givelight @illacdiaz

After taking a three hour trip to #jestcamp in Subic with my classmates we took a 1 kilometer refreshing walk uphill and learned how to cook food with bamboo, how to get water from a vine, how to make fire, and how to trap small animals we took a rest just to enjoy the nature. Thank you @ilovecism for letting my class come here! Miss you mama and papa @kuyakim_atienza and @feliciaatienza !

Thank you! Papa @kuyakim_atienza for getting me this #rementset in #olxph ! I am truly grateful for you to take the time out of your day to take me on a Vespa ride to get me these! #thankyou

Finished yet another color race! This color race has to be the most fun races a person would do! While you do obstacles (this time) people throw powder at you. Thank you @kuyakim_atienza and @anakarylle for running with me! #colormanilarun2016

Last night is one of the best nights in the world! The push of adrenaline that moment felt SOO scary yet fun! #rebelheart #madonna @madonna #unapoligetic had fun with you Titas @lindycas @bigbadbawang @iamkarendavila @juliejboschi and thanks mama @feliciaatienza for letting me come should have come @jhatienza

Spicing up a normally tame and lazy Sunday evening by putting make up on my arm and face just for the fun of photos! Haha.. @iamelianaatienza #sundaynight #alwayshavefun #makeup

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that today everyone will have a good time with their families and enjoy their day! I( made this using #colorfyapp ) #valentinesday #loveisintheair #haveagooddayeveryone

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Gong xi fa cai! After my AMAZINGLY fun birthday party at #manilapoloclub with @forever.chica @sophisquotes @anthonypangilinan @mommymaricel @iamkarendavila @gretsfullido @simongreatwich @kuyakim_atienza @feliciaatienza @iamelianaatienza @jhatienza and much more people I come home to people from the temple next door celebrating Chinese New Year!

Happy Birthday papa @kuyakimatienza ! Your the best father I could ever ask for and please forgive me of anything I have done wrong. I love you!

An ocean adventure ahead😝😘! Thank you Tita @myla111 And Tito Jun for inviting us to your fabulous yacht! The view is amazing, the weather is amazing, and you guys are too!😝😜 You should have come @jhatienza #fun #emman❤️traveling @kuyakim_atienza @feliciaatienza @iamelianaatienza

I am at SM doing one of my favorite hobbies ice skating with my sister @iamelianaatienza ..it's basically empty and I love it!! #smmegamall #fun #onedayuntilschoolstarts

YAY! I survived my first 3k race with a time of 18 minutes and 18 seconds... My eyes hurt from all the powder and my mouth feels weird because of swallowing some of the powder haha!😷😭😝#colormanilarun #ilovecolormanila @colormanila

3..2..1.. Go! Pre-race photo. Prepping up for my first 3k race.#colorcarnivalmanila See you at the finish line @kuyakim_atienza! @iamelianaatienza @jhatienza @feliciaatienza

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