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The face you make when you don't want to get outta bed to finish editing your book Ughhhhhh!

Good morning everyone

My baby girl, my niece, my heart Sunny teaching her Uncle how to be hip. #familyfirst

I love my husband. Shot out to @downtoearth305. Y'all follow the love of my life. He's a beautiful soul.

Coming this Spring.
Karma's a Basketball Bitch
My 14th book
Dedicated to #elynnharris

Good morning everyone

Despite challenges
I'm still going to smile
Even when there's a storm
In my heart


Just one of them days
When I wanna be all alone


Time to do something other than write. Time to cook for the hubby. And even though he wants some chocolate cake, I'm gonna make him an omelette

Big feet
Big heart

Good morning
Time to unwind
Thanking my Father
For allowing me
To enjoy another day
Of sunshine

By me, Larry

I love this guy right here. He always encourages me to be great. Classy and intelligent. Appreciation Sunday. @tha_kc_experience

One of my writing inspirations. I overly love my brother. Celebrating over ten years of friendship.

@Regrann from @vinnie617 - - #regrann

Remember my friends, you don't need anyone to validate or confirm your value and your worth.


Nobody does it like Janet: no one.

@Regrann from @_djunique721 - Janet - When We Oooo - #jtribe #conversationsinacafe #janfam

Next Level

Now I'm waiting to see what photographer is going to...let me bless their lens.


The best revenge isn't getting your paper, I don't give af what Beyonce says. Money doesn't guarantee happiness. But being humble and being successful, when they doubt you, is vengeance at its finest



Homeless at age 27
Award winning, bestselling author DAPHAROAH69, THE KING OF EROTICA© by age 31, multiple times over.

Complete Package

I'm whatever I speak into existence, no matter what the hell naysayers think

Sensually provocative

I don't have to be nude to show the nudists that I CAN'T be fucked with.


Photographers HATE that they can't put me in a box like their other...test subjects


Dare to be what they DON'T expect

Break the Rules






The way you turn up when you're 21st book Redemption is DONEEEEE Yessss! Two weeks, 140 hours, 320 page yessssssss
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