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Ely Buendia @elybumbilya

Ordinary guy extraordinaire and slacking-off enthusiast


Newly renovated by Chuck Gonzales

Jam 88.3 Fresh Filter tomorrow 4pm! Tune in, trip out!

...and dry your hair at 70's Bistro later in the evening!

We go on around 6 so come early! Speedo optional!

Apartel at 12 Monkeys 📸 Alfonso Padilla

Apartel rehearsals at ze boonker

That's no moon.

Making the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs

Apartel with a bunch of awesome acts tomorrow night, no monkey business!

Hip-swingin' Sunday

Apartel by Bijan Gorospe ANNOUNCEMENT: To avoid further confusion and specualtion among Apartel's loyal fans, Jay Ortega has quit the group last December to pursue a solo career. We wish him all the best.

Logo design by @nyebe Bijan Gorospe

Apartel on the Wish Bus

Sensations: Apartel rehearsals at the bunker

Apartel. Banna Harbera. Autotelic. Ang Bandang Shirley. Route 196. January 13.


Nice afternoon installing new turn lights

Apartel plays Saguijo for the first time.

Playing a solo gig last New Year's Eve with my Apartel bandmates. Out with the old, in with the new!

Before the new year starts, scrap everything you think you need that only weighed you down. The baggage, the pettiness, the hate, the envy, the pride, the ego, the lies. Travel light and you will go farther than you ever have. 📸 @cococoolang

Rizal Day Ride

It's the final countdown🎶 see you at Resorts World on New Year's Eve!

Good morning world! #ducatiscrambler #ride

Superb paint job by Fart Monkeez Garage on my Scrambler. Now she is truly mine! #ducatiscrambler #ride #custom

Christmas in our hearts

Merry Christmas!

Sure the traffic sucks (like everywhere else), it's littered with ugly condos and too many people for my taste. But Tagaytay is still worth the trip for the Christmas weather and superb dining choices.

Merry Christmas from Team EB!

Pat and Carissa

On our last gig the organizers were too efficient and everything was ahead of schedule, resulting in three band members being late (although they were really on time, makes sense?)

I die a little inside when I see bikers who ride in shorts and slippers. Sayang ang leather jacket mo bro! #formfunctionfail

Pouring Dutch whiskey at a cool bar for a late night scriptwriting session

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