Julian Hutchison

Julian Hutchison @easymoneychefj

It's like I hit a light switch 💡 Lil chef

🕴Convict music🕴

If you want that good free range chicken, make sure the trap don't smell like a septic tank first.®



Congrats Louis you doing big tings, you can be my doctor

Happy birthday ma

My boy going to Dartmouth with his smart self

Views froms the 1⃣

What Halloween....

Happy birthday to the earliest D1'ist nigga ik

WCW goes to my slut squad. I love these two lovely ladies.

#tbt to the high school party hard days, good times. @jayneearrrigo @nwachuku_22 please close y'all mouths next time


My #wcw on draft night lol

It's Eric's birthday today so I have to embarrass him

Love this lady❤️

#fbf with my middle school homie, miss Seaside!!!!

It's her day today

Happy birthday Shelby 🎉🎁

😪 tbt 🙌

Bringing my swagg to ATU next year

I am the perfect light skin color

#tbt when ball was life

Tomato tomoto

#wcw with the birthday girl



#tbt to the second sport in a row that I stayed on the bench!!!

S/O to me for being the #wcw.... thanks @elliebilger for making me so small

#mcm @nordic_thunder_501 thank you for this gold

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