Hayden Kho, jr, M.D.

Hayden Kho, jr, M.D. @dochayden

Skin Care to Soul Care. Cosmetic to Real. Follower of Jesus Christ. Father to Scarlet Snow. Gal.2:20 #HaydenSeek

Who wants to bring home this gorgeous garnet gadget? #Leica #RolfSachs #grip

Up next. The Leica M10, now thinner, faster, and even more capable in low light. The best street photography companion. Oh and finally, wireless transfer!!! #AboutTimeLeica

Claudio Cavaliere, AP's global ambassador and Filippo Nembrini of AP Italia. Thank you for making my AP-SIHH experience very special. See you again soon!

The very discreet Supersonniere in a Jules Audemar casing. The deep blue dial is hypnotic.

And this understated Royal Oak tourbillion in full platinum. It's a bit heavy at 450g so you'll probably have to wear another one on the other wrist for muscle balance. #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

AP's new Royal Oak full hand-polished black ceramic is definitely one of the best timepieces to come out of the SIHH2017. Pure black beauty. #SIHH2017 #audemarpiguet

The AP design team. Probably the best ones in the industry. #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet


This ends yesterday's visit. Today is SIHH. One off the bucket list! #AudemarPiguet #SIHH2017

AP's Grand Complication featuring a chronograph, minute repeater, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar in a single mechanism and a tiny case. #AudemarPiguet #SIHH2017

AP watchmakers at work. #AudemarPiguet #SIHH2017

Holding in my hand the "AP Universalis," probably the most complicated watch ever made during that time (or ever). The restoration team restored it back to function after 8 months of working on this single piece.

Fully restored 20th century watch. This vintage watch would go for more than a half a million euros in auctions today. It was probably only 500 euros back then. #AudemarPiguet #SIHH2017

Here's master watchmaker, Angelo, explaining to me how watches from the late 19th to the early 20th century are being restored to functionality today. They recreate every broken or missing part, still by hand. Looks like an opportunity for 3D-printing.🤔

"To break the rules, first you must master them." #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

Miniaturization: this was the challenge before. How do you make such a complicated mechanism fit into such a small case, especially when all components are being made by hand? #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

Tracing the AP history. Jules Audemar, I discovered, came from a family of Protestants who escaped religious persecution in France. Jules was 23 when he partnered with his 21 y.o. friend, Edward Piguet, to establish and produce complicated watches. WHAT WAS I DOING WHEN I WAS 21yo???!!! #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

First stop: the AP Archives, where all the wristwatches AP's ever made since 1875 are recorded - complete with their design, components, assembly instructions, and even info on who bought what. Awesome. #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

The original AP manufacture of 1875. This building now houses the restoration department, the museum, the Audemars Piguet archives, and a dedicated tourbillon workshop. #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

Finally arrived at Le Brassus, home of Audemar Piguet.

Perfect. I'm giving this instrument some wrist time in the snow. Thank you @audemarspiguet for hosting me. #SIHH2017 #audemarspiguet

What is she doing?😳

I planned on running everyday during this trip, but only those with deep psychological issues will run in this kind of weather so I think I'll just sleep. #SIHH2017 #AudemarPiguet

Uh oh. I'm in trouble. I think I brought the wrong clothes. It's ice everywhere. #sihh2017

I'm so happy that @victoria_belo and I are not the only ones who find our daughter adorable. Thank you, #TeamSnowyBear. We're so blessed to have you, her guardian angels, in her life.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:31‬

That time comes to all of us when our bones and joints feel our age.😓 Thank you @marc_castromd for squeezing me into your super busy schedule. #PhilippineTopOrtho

I think there really comes a time when you look at your child and you stop seeing her beautiful eyes, or rosy cheeks, or big ears, or her quirky smile. They all become a blur. Then suddenly you SEE them, the life inside the fragile shell, and beauty takes on a new meaning. #1yr10mos #TeamSnowyBear

It's our little girl @scarletsnowbelo's first time to school. She's a little anxious as you can see, but I think she'll really enjoy it. She's such a learner. Teacher says they'll be making fruit shakes today.

@scarletsnowbelo's face when I dress up like a teenager. #NoDaddy

Away with the old. Jesus makes all things new. Make it your goal to know Him more this 2017. Happy new year.

Happy new year from our family to yours!

When I was a baby my Mom used do this to me. Everytime I hear "tuko" I get ready to be tickled. Now I'm doing it to Scarlet and it looks like she's really her dad's daughter after all. #ScarletMeetsTuko #MarinduqueJokes @scarletsnowbelo #TeamSnowyBear

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