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Derek Prophet @dkingp

Mojo Da Vinci x Derek Prophet, "Purple Paint" out now on Souncloud‼️link in my bio @wmspent 🤑💰💶💸💰💶💸💰

Slidin' in your girls DM's like #goodnight #johnnytsunami 🌊

Rebuild.Redesign.Reclaim Seth FREAKIN Rollins‼ S/o to my cuz @faint_smile_king for finally finding it for me

#morning "out on my own....out to be with my mind they just can't need to hear what people is my own to live my own way...." James Hetfield @metallica

My fuxxin guy man!! Y'all come out tonight and catch the boy @therealtimwoods at @waltersdowntown it's going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾💯

My only two POPS from the #starwars #rogueone collection so far, good ole #jynerso and #k2so love these guys‼

And a couple of other grabs from @bedrockcitycomics these past few weeks; #batman and #superman issues 9, finally getting into reading Superman again with the #rebirth also #theflash issue 12, and #descender issue 16; grab those guys!!

It has been months since I've been baxx on my comic grind......but speak no more ya boy is back lol check out my grabs from @bedrockcitycomics just a couple of weeks back, #descender issue 16, #flash issues #8 and #9 hands down the best running #dc comic right now; #mightymorphinpowerrangers issue 8, #superman and #batman issues 8; #allstarbatman issue 3, and #darthvader issue 23, just two more left to finish the collection; grab those‼

EYE OF AGAMOTTO!!! S/o to my boy @d00dgian for the b-day/Christmas present!! Dooooood.....suh

@mojodavinci x @dkingp "Purple Paint" out now on a SoundCloud; link in bio @wmspent 🤑💰💸💶💰💸💶💰

@vyrus_official @wmspent in the fuxxin house‼️Eastdown Warehouse Houston‼️💯get your ass over here‼️

Well my are with the force now...... #RIPCarrieFisher #RIPPrincessLeia

Last night was 3 live @kosithetrill713 x @dkingp x @esgworld s/o to @stephenchavez and @stilltippinhtx for throwing a bomb ass event last night, glad the boy @w0rstxnightmare tore up the stage too!! You missed out last night if you didn't come through!!

Maaaayne taken shot of Espolon with the OG @esgworld LETS get it!!!

#afternoon "this place inside my mind......this place I like to don't know the chances.....what if I should die?.....a place inside my brain.....another kind of don't know the chances.....IM SO BLIND!"- @korn_official

Let me take it back one time.... #sega #dreamcast

Only 2 nights away!! @stilltippinhtx brings to you the opening show for #DayForNightFest this Friday Dec. 16th at @rockefellershouston with WM$P representer @w0rstxnightmare and also @ogronc and @thechopstars w/ my big homie @esgworld headlining performing our hit single "Third Coast Anthem" w/ @kosithetrill713 and I!! Don't miss out!! GA tickets still available on EventBrite!!

Couple of other grabs from @thinkgeek a few of days ago, but s/o to @smooth_steg88 for grabbing SSGSS Vegeta for my b day, I grabbed Tommy White Ranger myself, definitely my new fav

FLASH‼️ AAAAA-AAH‼️Savior of the universe‼️

Yooo this Friday!! It goes down!! S/o to @stephenchavez and @stilltippinhtx for throwing the opening event for #DayForNightFest on Dec. 16th at @rockefellershouston catch WM$P representer @w0rstxnightmare with @ogronc @thechopstars and @esgworld headlining, also performing our hit single "Third Coast Anthem" with myself and @kosithetrill713 it goes dine H-town!! See y'all there!!

Still goin' in with my collector buddies, don't get it twisted, one my lasted pickups of POPs; Hulk Hogan, Frieza (Final Form), and Batman from the 90', boom boom

2nd lead single off of my "Crown Me" EP is called "Undertaker" @dkingp x @kosithetrill713 🎹 by @vyrus_official 🎨 by @filthyrvck this SHIT is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤑 @wmspent 💰💶💸💰💶💸💰

#morning it's all about the game.....and how you play's all about control and if you can take's all about debt and if you can pay's all about pain.....and who's gonna make it.....

Last night was awesome!! Happy b day sis!! @lturner37

Dec. 16th catch myself and @kosithetrill713 performing our fire ass single "Third Coast Anthem" with the legendary @esgworld of SUC at @stilltippinhtx #dayfornight kickoff event!! Definitely a blessing to be able to bless the stage with the OG one time‼️catch us at @rockefellershouston HIGHly appreciated- D.p.

#morning "I hurt myself see if I still feel....I focused on the pain....the only thing that's real....."- @johnnycashmusic

Game was live as shit tonight......turn up H-town.....🚀🚀🚀‼️🔥💯

@dkingp x @w0rstxnightmare "How The West Won Kanye" one of 2 lead singles off my next project "Crown Me", 🎨 by @filthyrvck and 🎹 by @vyrus_official 🤑 @wmspent 💰💸💶💰💸💶💰

@w0rstxnightmare x @greyisdusty x @k_xtic x @dkingp x @wmspent opening up for @uglygod see y'all there 🤑💰💰💰

All You Can Eat Catfish Special!!! Dec. 5th it's going DOWN at the Rockfish on Westheimer and Royal Oaks!! Y'all come in and get you some!!

Go jam my brother @lionmange EP "Comfortably Violent"🗡⚔️💣🔪⚰️‼️link in my bio‼️🤑 @wmspent 💰💶💸💰💶💸💰produced by @vyrus_official

My brother just dropped some new heat‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥 @w0rstxnightmare x @greyisdusty "High On Denial"‼️link is his bio‼️man y'all do a favor and just keep supporting his grind; our boy Nightmare is really out doing his thing too 🤑 @wmspent 💰💸💶💰💸💶💰

Still one of my favorite songs I've released to date, to drop a single with my brother and my favorite H-town rapper is still so unreal to me; dreams do come true though
@kosithetrill713 x @esgworld x @dkingp "Third Coast Anthem"🌊🌊🌊 you can find it on iTunes or just click my SoundCloud link in bio and find it through there‼️🤑 @wmspent 💰💶💸💰💶💸💰

You can also find @kosithetrill713 mixtape #TheOverStanding hosted by @djmrrogers on his SoundCloud as well‼️🤑 @wmspent 💰💶💸💰💶💸💰

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