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Dhania Salsha H. @dhansalsha

a semi-satirical little creature who listens to classic rock for a living.


one more post to commemorate the days spent skipping classes for the #LionKingMusical rehearsals 😳✌🏽️

working our asses off to provide food for pride rock #LionKingMusical

putri wants to feature on my feed so bad it's actually kinda endearing 💕 #LionKingMusical #BUYTHEMTICKETSNOW

take care child :):



wouldn't want to spend this saturday any other way. thank you to everyone who has made it happen! ⚽️❤️ // pc: @franciscadiandra

hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me

Hey, bud! Thanks for cheering us up during the glum days of our lives with your crazy antics. However, despite your tendency in doing all those amusing behaviours, I will never forget your patience in dealing with knobheads like me. It simply amazes me how you managed to laugh at my rants about how greatly in love I am with bands and TV shows without wanting to smack my head in utter annoyance. You see, even if we weren't that close of friends, your presence still meant a great deal to me (and I believe to the others too). Rest in peace, Chris. You'll be missed dearly ❤️

what a stud

lieblings 💖

what do you call chips that ain't yours? nachos, sucka! #sorry #ijusthadtodoit #iblamebvb #wheresmymeetandgreet #ineedmymarcinho

couldn't have said it better myself.

it's been exactly a week and i have no idea how to feel about it.

24 hours since it finally registered to my mind that they are real human beings and not a bunch of mythical creatures. // 📷: an emotional & sweat-drenched me.

immensely grateful.

another great day out! 🌞

guilty pleasure whaaat 🍫😱💕