Etchika Ellis

Etchika Ellis @dextersmom40

I am learning to embrace the Father's Grace and to sit at his feet and receive one moment at a time!

My Birthday cake

This is dexter in his banana costume. He was a puppy, now he is an old man.

Hello... Its me dexter lee

Another hobby of mine is making flowers from coffee filters.

These are bracelet and earring sets that were made from recycling vintage beads.

This was taken on my birthday. The last one we were able to celebrate. Mom passed in 2011 and dad passed away last week.

This is a bracelet and necklace set made from blue lapis and ceramic beads.

This is a set made from vintage necklace beads It is made of ceramic and jade beads. It has a necklace with a bracelet to match

Another trunk show at the ncjw.

This was the debut of Originals by Etchika at the NCJW (National Council of Jewish Women in Creve Coeur Mo.

This is Dexter Lee earning his treats by taking photos. 😎😚📷