Derek Curtis

Derek Curtis @derekcurtis23

Deer.. Beer.. peench of baccer and a guitar. Stizz. WPS baby

Pretty day to end the day yesterday

Never seen an owl this small before let alone got this close to one

If I could just sit in a tree for a living..

Another Christmas with my love ❤️

Liked this one better @jakeflippin55

Good ol blind time

Little minions 😁


Tad chilly this mornin

I can only imagine what stories this ol barn could tell

The rainy sits> #realtree #bowtech

Just somethin I'll never get tired of

It's different up here

The outdoors is something special

We live in one badass place

Some ol Wagon Wheel before I hit the tree stand #BobDylan #Oldcrow #DariusRucker #countrymusic #acoustic #countrysinger

Favorite time of year

Got to see my little minions today 😃

Boy lets get it

Good ol chilly morning

Another view of my old mans first buck with his bow. Check out that G3. beyond happy

This is what's it about for me. My father hasn't shot a buck since I was ten years old because he's always let me have all the deer and I could never thank him enough. Grats dad on your deer #whitetail

Now just imagine a 150 inch whitetail standing in the field and you got a perfect picture


Dusted em

The hours spent up here can't come soon enough #whitetail #bowtech

It's a nice day

Beyond ready to fling some arrows and for some Hog football #WPS #bowtech #trophyridge #axionarchery


I asked God today why he made me waste so much gas sittin there staring at the pictures he paints for us all the time

Little fashin action last night with @zmart9 and his pops. Sack smoked em

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