Elijah @definitemess


When you let stray winter kittens up in the house... ❄😾🏠

Don't try this at home #baltimore #nye


Another one bites the dust.

RIP to the random #rx7fc - getting rarer and rarer to see on the streets 😰

Familiar faces @keeprunninwithit

I get to work in such lovely neighborhoods 🌈

Seems legit 🐣


Teaching a stray cat essential survival skills.

I beat Pokemon GO irl 😻


Stopped by for a quick slice... #spinellis 🍕



This one's just chillin on the hood of my car after the rains. 🐸

Lucky 13

The view from my deck... #baltimore 🔥

Great job! #baltimore 🚧⚠

Finished rewiring the monster today 🐙 #RB25DET #S13




This is heavy... they're giving away my dream car! ⌛️

A goose.

I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but this is ridiculous.

Wanna go for a ride?

Everything's okay.

Nice weather today.

Relax, cat! 🎃


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