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There was confusion and tension in Uli
campus of the Chukwuemeka Odu­
megwu Ojukwu University Igbariam,
formerly Anambra State University
when a student cultist of Mechanical
Engineering Department known as
‘Small’ died during initiation ceremony.
Anarchy would have been let loose but
for the timely intervention of the Vice
Chancellor of the University , Prof Fi­
delis Okafor, who mobilised security
agencies to forestall further letting of
blood in the campus.
According to the Prof Okafor, the
student died following the torture he
sustained from active initiation
He said the anti-cult group stormed
their initiation ceremony on a tip-off
and while other members escaped, the
victim who sustained serious injury
could not escape and he was rushed to
a hospital by the anti-cult group but he
In other to cover up why he died, his
members spread rumour that he died in
the hands of the anti-cult group and
even mobilised to embarrass the
institution but for the intervention of the
security agents.
Prof Okafor, who was shocked to his
marrow that such cultists still exist in
the university despite the numerous op­
portunities given them to renounce
said, “Devil has taken over some
youths” but vowed to deal with cultists
ruthlessly in the university.
Though a conflicting report insisted that
the dead man was killed by anti-cult
group while torturing him to confess his
membership, this the management of
the university insisted was false.
The Police have, however, taken over
the institution to restore peace after
addressing genuine students. They
requested for information on those
student cultists shooting during the
aborted protest.

See cover up story from our VC...... kick against INJUSTICE AND LIES,make dis post viral,the university's Anti-cult members killed d student...#truth# he is a cultist we knw,he Stole; we knw.....who re they 2 take laws into dia Hands....y speak of d deceased like dat

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