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I achieved this entire look with 1 palette, mascara and eyeliner . . . YES, REALLY!!! I finally filmed my video using the @itcosmetics Holiday Palette! Be sure to check in next week for the link in my bio! #itcosmetics #makeuptutorial #youtuber

As much as I missed my wonderfully lazy weekend I needed to get back in the game with my @classpass membership. Last night I went to @dragonflycycling with already sore legs and got my ass kicked even more by @gaylespin ! Let's just say today I am feelin' the pain 😩 . . . thank you @dragonflycycling - will be back soon! #dragonflycycling #spin #classpassla

Brunch is best at home and in bed 🍳 The 💡 finally came back on in the valley so I decided to whip something up for my boyfriend and I. Just a quick baked egg skillet - so yummy and satisfying 😻🙌🏻 Happy Sunday ya'll! #brunch #eatrealfood #sundaze

No💡in the valley means some early morning yoga practice. Its always great to start the day with a good stretch and a cute outfit 🙌🏻 @fabletics is one of my favorite sites for cute workout outfits - great quality and super cute designs 🤸🏻‍♀️ #fabletics #namastebitches #sundaze #fableticssquad

The sun is finally shining in LA after a week full of rain 🙌🏻 What better way to celebrate than indulging in some tropical treats 😻 Having the best Pho in the valley at Pho Viet Cali 🍜 Comment below and tell me how you're spending this beautiful day ☀️ #phosho #sunnydays #sanfernandovalley #laeats #losangeleseats

I'm a sucker for affordable skincare, so when I found out @elfcosmetics had a skincare line I had to check it out! I've been seeing these bubble face mask's everywhere and wanted to see what all the hype was about. The formula starts off as a gel and when applied almost instantly starts to bubble up. It's so fun to see it transform and hilarious to take smiling selfies with because it makes your face look so full 😂 Has anyone else tried the ELF skincare line . . . What should I try next? 💆🏻 #elfcosmetics #mask #skincare #elfskincare

The reason why I love lipstick so much is because it can change your entire look with just one step. Here I'm wearing very minimal makeup, yet my look feels complete all because of my @kyliecosmetics Lip Kit in Trick. I was pleasantly surprised with this product, its a thinner formula compared to other matte lipsticks but it's not drying and long lasting. Might have to get some more soon 💄 #kyliecosmetics #lipjunkie #paleforever

I am known in my office for wearing lipstick almost everyday. So naturally I've inspired a few coworkers to come to the light 🙌🏻 So much so, that I walk into the office today and see this on my desk. . . My coworker bought me the @kyliecosmetics Lip Kit in Trick 😭 I've been telling her how much I want to try the brand, especially this fun color 🙌🏻 Happy Wednesday ya'll - make your day brighter, wear a little lipstick 😉 #kylielipkit #kyliecosmetics #trick

When your old hairstylist used to slay on your hair so hard👌🏻 Keep in mind that she just dyed my hair - how friggin' healthy does it look?!? In huge part to the aloe based @euforainternational products she used 😩 Miss you so much @seldacortes 😭 If you're ever in the NYC area you NEED to check her out. She is life changing and works at @lotushairsalonnyc #takeitbacktuesdays #memories #seldacortes #euforainternational #lotussalonnyc

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in LA and what better way to spend it then to hike the Hollywood trail 💪🏻 Have been wanting to do this hike ever since I moved to LA a little over a year ago, bucket list ✔️ Thank you to @thelovelybass for taking me 🙌🏻 #hollywoodsign #losangeles #sundayfunday

I'm going hiking later so I decided to be a little indulgent with my breakfast. Made homemade lemon poppy seed muffins with a yummy lemon glaze. Needed a little sweetness to counteract tomorrow being Monday. It's Sunday, treat yourself! 😩 #thejoyofcooking #losangeles #breakfast #losangeleseats

A little homemade brunch never hurt nobody . . . Brb, devouring my avocado toast 😻 #brunch #lafoodie #losangeleseats #fitgirls #classpass

Shook my booty and beat some drums to end my first week in 2017! Used my second @classpass to try the Pound Class at @bootyworksfitness last night with @thelovelybass 🥁 No wonder drummers are always sweating so hard on stage! Enjoy your Saturday & rock on 🤘🏻 #classpass #bootyworksfitness #bodygoals

Finally renewed my @classpass membership and even though I am mildly upset that they don't offer unlimited classes anymore, I was super excited to get the new year started! Went to my first class @wundabar_pilates in Studio City and am still feeling sore 2 days later 💪🏻 Excited to try out @bootyworksfitness tonight with @thelovelybass 🙌🏻 #classpass #wundabar #bodygoals

This gloomy LA day is making me wish I was on a tropical island soaking up the sun 😩 Thankfully I have the Greens 5 from @pressedjuicery to cheer me up - the hints of 🍊 & 🍍 are definitely hitting the spot 🙌🏻 #pressedjuicery #LA

My New Years toast was like . . . I don't need food or alcohol for at least another 6 months. Needed to start the new year off right with @pressedjuicery 💪🏻 #noalcohol #2017 #pressedjuicery

Every year I say things will be different and some changes are made - but most things fall through the cracks. This year has taught me a lot about what I'm capable of if I just do the work. So this year instead of making huge New Years resolutions in the beginning of the year, I'm going to make new resolutions weekly. I find that when I break down my goal into smaller pieces I reach my overall goal much quicker. So stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel Curlz Just Wanna Have Fun - cuz it's going to be a year to remember! Wishing all curly girls a year of fabulousness and self love. Slay 2017 ❤ #curlzjustwannahavefun

1 year ago today, @deejay526 and I took the big leap & moved to California. It hasn't been easy but I would never be able to do it with anyone else. Let's hope this new year brings us many more great memories in our new home ❤ #luhyou

Received the @itcosmetics Special Edition Most Wished for Holiday Palette for Christmas and obviously had to test it out immediately! It was super convenient to have one little box that could give me a full face makeover 🙌🏻 Leave a comment below if you would like to see a tutorial using this box on my YouTube channel 💄 #itcosmetics #nofilter

When you're back home and the first thing you want to eat is pizza 🍕 Why can't LA water give me the same amazing flavor 😭 @romannosejc in downtown JC has the best pesto pizza EVER - definitely had to make it a priority stop during my time back in the east coast ❤ #jceats #eastcoast

Poppin' some bubbly for our department Christmas Lunch 🎅🏻 Hopefully I'll be in NJ this time tomorrow 🙏🏻 #bubbly

Happy 5th Birthday to my feisty little soul sister, my second cutest little niece, Jasyr ❤ Titi is so excited to see you and all my little cuties in a few days 😘👩‍👧‍👦 #family #birthday #cutie #lovie #niece #loveyou #happybirthday

I'm not the only one having a lazy Sunday . . . 🐶 This is why I have not been able to upload a video in a while, we got this cute little girl named Jersey. She is definitely a handful but is learning more and more everyday, soooo more videos to come January 2017! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Curlz Just Wanna Have Fun 😻 #thepupjersey #curlzjustwannahavefun

@thelovelybass knows my love for subscription boxes so she made me my own personal birthday subscription box 😻 Inside my one of a kind box there are yoga pants, eye lashes with eyelash glue, gloves for those chilly valley mornings, a personal bottle of @stellarosa Rosé, cozy socks, Dom Pérignon champagne gummy bears from @sugarfina , a makeup removing cloth and alcohol flutes that look like tampons 😂 Those are my favorite, especially when you wanna sneak in some alcohol - they'll never know!!!! Thank you, I love it all 😘 #27 #subscriptionbox

A few months ago my curly hair was halfway down my back (1st photo). It was getting increasingly more difficult to wash and style, so I decided to cut it (2nd photo). That was in June 2016 and my hair has grown a pretty significant amount since then (Dec 2016 - 3rd photo). My hair used to take FOREVER to grow - it would take me a whole year to get that much length back. People always ask me how do I get my hair to grow so quickly and the answer is simple: Use products that are good for your hair type and treat your hair like you would treat the rest of your body. You can't dry out, pull, break, etc your hair and think it's going to look as best it can. It's tough, but if you put in the work it will repay you! Good luck ladies. Don't forget to follow @curlzjustwannahavefun on YouTube (link in bio) - videos to come in January 2017! 💁🏻 #hairgrowth #curlyhair

When your curls know it's your birthday so they cut you some slack 💁🏻Shampoo: @carolsdaughter Black Vanilla SF Shampoo, Conditioner: @officialkinkycurly Knot Today Leave-In, Gel: @officialkinkycurly Curling Custard, Lipstick: @urbandecaycosmetics Vice Lipstick in Alpha 🎂 #27

Growing a little garden of birthday flowers at my desk 🙃 #feelingloved #27

Missing my red hue - it can't handle this LA water though 😩 Used the @ouidad Heat and Humidity Gel to achieve this look. It is one of my favorite water based styling gels EVER 😻 #YESouidad #stillnocurlyhairemoji #wtf #curlzjustwannahavefun

Everyone knows that if you eat healthy your body will repay you - including giving you even more beautiful locks! I have recently lost 8 pounds in my healthy journey and am working towards my weight loss goal to not only feel better physically, but mentally as well 💪🏻 I have been making breakfast lunch and dinner daily and have rediscovered my LOVE for baked brussels sprouts - especially when they get a little charred . . . CRACK 😻 #healthylife #beabetteryou

I know, I'm a bad person, I haven't posted or uploaded a video in weeks 😩 Sorry to all my followers, it has been a crazy few weeks. We got a puppy 🐶 and the holiday season is upon us 🎄 I WILL have my videos back up again soon! Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about a contest @mydevacurl is having!!! Post a photo with the hashtag #MyDevaCurlWish telling them what your DevaCurl wishlist is for Christmas and you can be in the running to win up to $250 in prizes! My DevaCurl wish is to get a DevaDryer and Diffuser 🙏🏻 Good luck everyone and stay tuned! ❤️ #DevaCurl #MyDevaCurl **Styling Gel: @ouidad Heat & Humidity Gel**

Had a great time at the Hollywood Film Awards last night with @thelovelybass - the highlight of my night was fan girling over @justintimberlake in the flesh 😻 Looked for him after the show for a photo but couldn't find him 😭 #90smusic #love #justintimberlake #hfa #hollywoodfilmawards

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