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Joe Coughler @cougs86

Team Skinny Ergos ◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤👻👻 bro_23

No matter the outcome, wether it be a win or loss. A good coach will sympathize, but a great coach will empathize. A great coach will always be your biggest fan and will always be your motivation for success. #lookingback #Meaganimgettingyougoldnextyear

When the only good photo of all of us (minus Phil) has one guy without his eyes open. 🙄 #savePhil201617

I guess you got shorter💁🏻‍♂️

Today, November 11th, is Remembrance Day. It is the national day we have have to show our support and love for the men and women around the world who work around the clock to give us the life and freedom we have. These men and women have allowed us to live a trouble free life, they have given up their time, their families, and their lives. To give us here at home the conditions we have. They have done so much for us, words aren't enough to show our thanks. Many men and women have not had the opportunity to come home. To see their friends, their parents, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and children. Many will not be there to see their kids grow up, to have the memories many of us take for granted. Today we say thank you to them. Their service has and will always be remembered, and the thanks will never be enough. Today we wear our poppies with pride and thanks for the sacrifices that have been given to allow our freedom. To many, this small gesture, wearing a poppy, means the world. It shows them the love and support we have for them and their service. These men and women would selflessly give it all up too keep us free. That is something many can't do. But they do, day in and day out. Please wear a poppy today at least, for it brings joy to many to see the support of our nation towards them. For many this is also a reminder of the brothers and sister who did not get to come home. Who did not get to hear that last goodbye, who did not get to see their family and friend's smiles. Please also take a moment today to say thank you to any service men and women you see, and to take a moment of silence to remember what they have lost their lives to protect your rights, keep your freedom and peace. Thank you so much for your service! You will never be forgotten! We will always be behind you, supporting you as a nation, from the young to the old.
We remember.

Back to the dry ass school air and Liam's change room shenanigans #howbigisyourlip #bobbystokers #dryland

Happy birthday the this speed demon and the biggest meme in Thorold South. Sorry @tylervanderloos

@christian.mcalpine I'm coming for you at #sossa

How do you like it?

Governor Simcoe Bloodcoats

October is the new august.

Just be yourself.

Long time no see my friend, glad to get at least one night out with ya:)

I think I met the most LIT employee ever. He low key took a close up selfie too. #formulameme

That's my dream car;)


@quinnewer look a car tuned to me.


Jaguar E-Type>McLaren 12C

Theses two did it again, adding another Olympic GOLD to their names, and remaining undefeated since Poznan in 2009. Their time was 6:59.71 @kiwipair_eric @hamishbond_

Wish it could have ended better:(

Car show time:)🏎🏎🎟

Big 4+ and 8+ finals tomorrow #rowtohenelyfinals

It's alive!!😈😈

Thanks for letting me tag along guys! It was awesome! #lightweightlife

Would've had em if we didn't have to switch boats:/

Fun fact: @tylervanderloos is barely lighter than us 4.

"Chop their heads off" - @tylervanderloos #scrcinvite

Sad to see you go Gracie. I won't be the only one to miss you.


It's that time of year again.

Good season boys. Ft: Brentwood Junior 8 #cssra #schoolboyregatta

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