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Claudine Oriol @claudineoriol

Actor, Director, Producer, Philanthropist and above all Lover of Life. 🇭🇹Snapchat: claudineoriol Link to view doc below

It all starts with a dream. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to watch my documentary 'Resilient Hearts' it was a labor of love! Link is in my Bio. I really want your impressions and feedback so if you've seen it let me know your thoughts. #justdoit

"In the end we will remember not the words of our ennemies, but the silence of our friends" #martinlutherking #MLK

#FBF At the United Nations 2 years ago, screening of my documentary "Resilient Hearts". Not the clearest Pic but one of my proudest moments! To watch link on my Bio. Made possible by Co-producer @jackbrewerbsi #iamresilient

Link to watch on my Bio! We've been working on this documentary for the past 7 years. It was important to us to tell our story, share our history and culture from a Haitian perspective. Those who survived the earthquake will never forget. This film is an ode to our ancestors, the departed and to all those who have lost someone dear to them unexpectedly and under the unlikeliest circumstances. Please share: To watch link on my Bio.

First day of 3 months bootcamp with @itskimglass at @unbreakableperformance. The pain feels so good 💪🏽#finishstrong

"We did not come here to fear the Future, We came here to Shape it" ~Barack Obama~ Thank You Mr. President for 8 years of Service. You lead our country with dignity, grit, elegance and compassion we are going to miss you. #dignity #greatleader

Repost from @djkluv_ -CUBA + KOBIE | WEINSTEIN | Where should we strike next ... New Age Rat Pack #projecthollywoodthemovie @claudineoriol @sarodjbertin

It's raining and gloomy in LA but my spirit is as bright as the sun! #carpediem #doyou

Repost from @marlonwayans With these two Haitian beauties @sarodjbertin and @claudineoriol

Cuba to Haiti - Always fun seeing you @cubagoodingjr #aboutlastnight #goldenglobes

Haitian Ambassadors take over the Golden Globes! #2017 #whereyallat

No dance floor is safe with us! #aboutlastnight #seanpenn #jphro #haitianwomen

I'm the Captain of my ship! #doyou

Smiling at 2017 and Smiling at you! Happy New Year ❤️️💋#newyear

When the party is so good this is one of two pics of the night both taken by @selmafonseca Thank you @unclerush for an amazing event setting St Barths on fire 🔥. And you all know I was on the dance floor all night! #dancingqueen

3 more Sunsets till 2017! Feeling blessed and grateful to the Creator! Should you practice one act for your TOTAL well-Being it is GRATITUDE. With it your cup will overflow and your Happiness will be limitless. When you are grateful for even the things we take for granted, such as your breath, your sight, your health, You are rewarded beyond your imagination. Because it is evident to the Almighty that you are awakening and are deserving of the bounties life has to offer! So Motte it Be! #co-creator #Gratitude #Grateful

Lay down, Arch your back and get some Sun! #stbarthsstyle #islandlife

Nothin but good times! #Endoftveyear2016

Come play with me! Ready and coming for you 2017. #childatheart #doyou

One of my favorite songs of all time! You've contributed to many songs in the soundtrack of my life. Very sad when I heard of your transition, thanks for being one of my angels RIP and let your soul soar throughout eternity. #carpediem #livelifetothefullest

White sand beaches! White Christmas Caribbean style! At my favorite spotMerry Christmas to all sending love and light 💋#lightbearer #Xmass2016 @joliebeachsxm

Grateful for the life the Universe, God, has allowed me to co-create for myself! I'm living proof that you can materialize all your thoughts into existence. Flashback Friday in front of the White House. #nolimits #xmassatthewhitehouse

"To whom much is given, much will be required" ~ (Gospel of , Luke 12:48) Thank You @sarodjbertin for including me in this wonderful endeavor 😍😘 #friendsarefamily @nickcannon thank you for unselfishly giving your time, ressources, awareness and bringing gifts to Haiti!

#latepost left the states last Thursday to bring holiday cheers to orphans in Haiti and support my very good friend @sarodjbertin charity @sarodjforapurpose. We welcomed and hosted @nickcannon a true #humanitarian and #philanthropist who heartedly gave of himself. 'Tis the Season to give back' we can all make a difference in the world! #wearetheworld

Working out with Bae @sarodjbertin we couldn't resist the light! #lovethosewholoveyou #tbt

"Never over estimate your weakness, Never underestimate your Strength" ~ Unknown #beastmode

I'm all the way up! With my gurl @sarodjbertin made it to the top with my #iketurnup sweater listening to @nickcannon new song #dreamgirl with my #Ncredible bombastic headphones! Great start to the day! #carpediem #doyou

"You don't have to justify your Happiness, your Dreams or your Confidence to ANYONE! Walk in Freedom" #doyou #sakpakontanembake

Producer, Director, Actor, Host, Activist, Comedian, the list goes on and on... He is also One of the most genuine and unaffected people in the biz! @nickcannon Congrats on your 3rd Showtime Comedy special, can't wait for everyone else to see it! #ncredible #keepingitreal

"Your body is your temple Wherever you go, you take it with you, Exercise because you're grateful, appreciative and you love your body not because you hate it! " ~ Claudine Oriol #loveyourself #lovewhatyougot

"If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds!" ~ Reverend Jesse Jackson #TBT @revjjackson #americanicon

So much fun last night at the launch party for "Vivica's Black Magic" It is going to be Fiyah! Congrats to @msvfox @lifetimetv @jeanclaudelamarre

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