chiomartinez1943 @chayo.martinez1943

Born and raised Phoenix Arizona Nana Rosa.Martinez

Happy father's day to my husband, and the father to all my children.. from all of us. Miss you PONCHO

My greatgranddaughter jaelynn
Promoted to 1st grade. .

My granddaughter Teresa....@drea.moreno24

My mother when she was young Manuela Martinez. .@drea.moreno24 @rosemary49

My youngest daughter Andrea. .. #mybeautifuldaughters

My youngest daughter Andrea

Napping time..

Pretty in pink.....nana love's you.. Teresa Castro. ..

Teresa Castro.. my beautiful granddaughter. ..

Teresa Christiana Rosario Castro...2months #walmarteasterbunnystocktomca

She's almost 2 months on Saturday. .the 19th my granddaughter Teresa...Castro

I snapped a photo of my 1month old granddaughter.
Teresa Castro She was smiling away. She's a beauty @andrea.moreno.1978. @koolaid_209 @drea.moreno24 ..

Anthony getting big 10 months GREATGRANDSON .nana loves you..

Happy birthday puff

My new granddaughter. ..Teresa Castro. ..

Cold play song... he love's it....

Who said cold play wasn't good enough for the super ball headline ...#coldplay #baby'favoredsong


Gotta get back to this size....@andrea.moreno.1978 4months pregnant

I love my GREATGRANDSON smile... Anthony Marcus Moreno Johnson. ... @drea.moreno24 @sabrina_norma91

Thanks for everything. . Had fun with you guys.. God looked over us @andrea.moreno.1978 @koolaid_209 @fabulousbossdre

My first selfie. Native Indian.. Mexican American.

Ready already !!!! for Christmas. I Know Thanksgiving around the corner . Too handsome in his Santa's hat.

My GREATGRANDSON Anthony Marcus loves music. Too smart for his 6 month old self


My daughter's Game ready...@andrea.moreno.1978 #raidernation

Memories of my first date at age 17

Going down memory lane. A picture of me when i was younger

You look like me @hydralicious_bucky Celeste

Me at my grandson party big him

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