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This month’s #SocietyofSound release is from @[Brooke Sharkey]. Influenced by old French folk and contemporary pop/rock, her vocal style switches effortlessly between melodic and fiery.

Our late 80s Solid range came in a variety of colours – sometimes in a single speaker! #ThrowbackThursday

Externally mounted drive units as a technology was developed in line with the 800 Series #BWEngineering

The complete Bowers & Wilkins 1970 product line up, including the DM70 Continental #ThrowbackThursday

Micro Matrix started as an automotive concept before playing an important role in the T7 Wireless #BWEngineering

A pair of our iconic Nautilus loudspeakers awaiting testing before their launch in 1993 #ThrowbackThursday

The 683 S2 uses a slim design to make a speaker that delivers room-filling sound appear elegant #BWDesign

A smooth start to the year #Sade #CMSeries #vinyl #MusicMonday @phonogroove

Plans for this year? Take some time out to listen to music properly.

The original 801s in Abbey Road Studios in 1982 #ThrowbackThursday

#800SeriesDiamond tweeters are protected by an acoustically transparent steel mesh #BWdesign

Merry Christmas from Bowers & Wilkins

Our original speaker comparator, built in-house in the 1970s to compare different speakers #throwbackthursday

The Turbine head for #800SeriesDiamond went through many iterations before the design was finalised #BWEngineering

In 1993 Nautilus completely re-wrote the book on loudspeaker design. #ThrowbackThursday

New to #SocietyofSound is Darandi from Aurelio Martinez, the world’s greatest living interpreter of Garifuna music.

P9 Signature’s earcups are decoupled from the headband to stop unwanted vibration and limit distortion #BWEngineering

Keeping it old school #PinkFloyd #vinyl #MusicMonday @jocelito

Signature Diamond was designed by Sir Kenneth Grange to celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2006 #ThrowbackThursday

P9 Signature’s drivers use a suspension system to help deliver precise high frequencies and better bass #BWEngineering

Standing on the shoulder of giants? We'll take that as a compliment #Oasis #vinyl #600Series #MusicMonday @bradleysharp

The votes are in, find out what you selected as the final album in our 50 great sounding records #BWfiftyyears
Find out more about the album by clicking the link in our bio.

The beautiful Signature 805 was launched to celebrate our 35th anniversary in 2001 #ThrowbackThursday

P9 Signature’s headband and earcups are crafted from the finest Italian Saffiano leather by Scrabrenta #BWCraftsmanship

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