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Avadiazdaza@gmail.com 💋

It's been awhile since I've come to Baguio, I forgot how much I enjoy it here!! 🌳🌲🌾

Da boiiiiiiis chilling at d clubhouse 😊

After tonight's @riderevolution daft punk class with @ellavya, we feasted on this! 👆🏻 #mightyquinnph

Rope sessions at @thecityclub's fitness center 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ this gym is so complete!

Looking forward to more happy times this 2017 ❤🎇🍾

Even the crab's loving my #JBL Charge 3 speakers ❤ they're water resistant and perfect for the beach 🌤 @jblph #jblph #amplifylife


Dinner date last night at one of @thecityclub's restaurants, Mark's prime rib! Tried out my #alphacirclecard which you can now get from Alphaland's #cityclub ❤ they have all the yummy food from Balesin Island's restaurants like Toscana (Italian), Costa Del Sol (Spanish), Salathip (Thai), Hai shin Lou (Chinese), Sakura (Japanese), a taste of France, and balesin islander 👌🏻

Out with the fam ❤

Vacation days ❤🌊🌤

Pre-event agenda: tried Blo bar for the first time at Powerplant today ❤️ I'm very happy with the results!! And you can choose your style of curls 💁🏻 thank you @bloheartsasia 😚

Manila Bay at night 😍

Grilled liempo, Red egg Pako salad and Bangus 😚

Woke up to this beautiful place! 😍

My fave companion ❤️👅

Spot @luchzanirato and I 👫 loved this yacht so much! Interiors were designed by Versace 😳❤️

My cutest boy ❤️

Thai village Koi pond 💧

Got to ride this beautiful yacht around the incredible island of Balesin today ☀️

@luchzanirato 👆🏻👍🏼

Beautiful morning to wake up to 😎

Stepping into this machine before my KMC work event later 😌love my pre-event skin prep from @beautylabwhiteningph ❤️

Love the dual purpose beach towels from @basitropicaltowels ❤️towel on the inside and a sarong on the outside

Sundays crew❤️

Pa candid walking down the French Concessions. So beautiful 😊#shanghai


The first 🎃 I've ever 🔪!

Cuzzie love 👩❤️💋👩 #airasiainshanghai

My little travel partner that reminds me not to buy every small thing that excites me (mainly food) 😤😘 #airasiainshanghai

你好 ✌🏻️#airasiainshanghai

Love this photo of my dad and sister ❤️❤️❤️ @isabelledaza

Thank you @lamer 😘😘 I never feel the need to moisturize cause Of the weather in Manila, but I did my research and now I'm curious how it could work for me 😊😊 finally gonna try for myself really just how amazing this product is. #lamersoftcream

Throwback to our stop over at Florence last month for #belleadrien2016 ❤️ Low angle challenge ☝🏼️

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