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📖Proverbs 31:25 💍Brandon Bell 11/01/15 💑 follow @brandon_and_ashley111 🏡Richmond hill, GA 🎓ASU 2020 📚English Professional Communications major

He's in love and this time I'm not referring to me... #heloveshistruckmorethanme

Ridin shotgun with my man 😍

Late mornings 💤

High in the trees and on loving you🌳❤️ #eno

A little to the darker side 🌚

Shopping spree with the one and only 👗💄

Lean on in 😘 #mountainkisses

Tomorrow marks one year with the most amazing person. I've never felt so loved and special. I'm beyond proud and blessed to call you mine. If it was possible to tell you how much you mean to me, I would tell you every second, but it's incomprehensible! Love you so much Brandon! #foreverandalways #oneyearanniversary

Smi)e ✌🏼️

My favorite pick 🎃 #pumpkinpatch