Vuarand Arsene

Vuarand Arsene @arsene_vrnd

🔸French Junior (19) PL -83kg/-183lbs
🔹Personal Trainer
🔸Send me an email/DM for any questions

Perks of being a powerlifter 😏

No ugly faces when you lift, no gainz.
That's how it works.

We're getting there, pulling heavy again with this 200kg for 4 from floor.

FEELS GUD @kurojosaki

Bloat is good, bloat is life.
Heavy deadlift incoming.

140kg for 4 easyyyy

Diet is easy when you eat what you like, why would you force down your throat something you don't like ? On purpose ?

PS : It's all about dem C🍟RBS

#transformationtuesday Part.2

2 years and 20kg later from the front point of view

2 years and 20kg later 😁
The goal now is to get glutes as big as @killian___ 's 😏




#throwback to that moment when I failed 220kg deadlift at 78kg bodyweight and ended up injured.
1 month later, cant get 210 off the ground but we are working on it.

Post workout, because cookies makes us happy @lucasgouiffes
#nodiet #bestdiet

80kg, stayed clean.

Because C🍟RBS is always a good idea.


UK has some sick lightning, fuark

Back to clean eating 😈

Lean gainz, pal

Fuelled by tacos.


Stopping Deadlift for a few weeks.
Brb forearms gainz.

Fuck resting.

When the #pump is loyalll

Pre bloat pic, prepping for max dead tomorrow

200X5 FINALLY @rawpowerlifting

"Diet" coke with that 😈

Working on dem routines with C🍞rbs to fulfill the brain

Strong point on point 😏


Third set of a 2X3 @ 200 sumo deadlift

Post Deadlift, dat dere pump

Cause sometimes, we #eatclean too

And another one, and another one...

Thanks to @ripebeastmovement @ripebeast for the shirts, they be fitting well

190kg/420lbs X 4




Tired af but everyday is arm day

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