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Anthony Anderson @anthonyanderson


I couldn't help myself!

Nuff said!

Just because

HILARIOUS! The internet always wins!

Join me and @tiffanyhaddish for a FACEBOOK LIVE tomorrow at 5PM est to talk about my new talk show #AnimalNation! Link in comment below!

Wait for it....

No words needed. Unless you want to say something!

I read to my children, at schools and for myself. Find a book you love and read it to the world. #magicofstorytelling

Me and my babies @kyranicole_ and @not_nathaniel on the #goldenglobe red carpet tonight! I'm so proud of the young adults they've become! I LOVE you both!

Congratulations to my friend and the best tv wife EVER @traceeellisross you deserve your #goldenglobe award and more! Love you!

My son's @not_nathaniel first pedicure and since he has feet like his Daddy, they're charging double for the work! #goldenglobes

Rumble young man rumble! Happy birthday @marcusscribner

Happy birthday to one one the most talented young men I know. Love you @marcusscribner

My boy @therealearthquake just sent me this and made my morning! Thanks playboy, let's get it!

#blackish! East coast, turn on @abcnetwork right now and stay there so you don't miss this!

#ToTellTheTruth is back and all-new! West coast join us at 9pm! @officialjalenrose @theashleygraham @donald_faison @angelakinsey

This is what I'm doing to 2017! Every which way!And look at the smile of its face! It's OUR turn now! #2017

I can't be the only one that's eve done this! Or am I? #christmasshenannigans

Made me smile and got me in the spirit!

I just peed a Lil!

Yo @nischelleturner you're so right post should say FED not FEED! Not only did we boil water for a hot bath, we also used the oven to dry our socks after washing them in the sink!

Yo @realdlhughley @ig.premiere I wanna know how he gets into tight spots now that I know how he can get out of them!

Thank you @spaldingball for always treating me like family. It's an honor to receive this gift. Let us continue to honor this game that we love! #truebelievers #125hoopyears

So this is how this is supposed to work. I've been doing it all wrong!

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