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Wednesday night grind 💃🏻 So fresh and beautiful for an endorsement shoot 🌸

Hair, make up and photos by @santiagoraymond @robbiepinera 💕

Elegant in black 🖤 Look for #ShowtimeMiyerKuLetsBeHappy 😍

Hair and photos by @iamantoniopapa 💕

Before the Ultralasik surgery earlier 👀
(📷 @_iamjoanmarie_)

Goodbye eyeglasses and contact lenses, hello 20/20 vision 👀 (📷 @shiellarie)

At the #GMGCmanila2017 with @xelebgames partners earlier ⭐️💥
(📷 @isabelledaza)

Mrt scene earlier today. Another mrt experience for the Dyosa 🚊
(Videos are from her ig stories)

@scarletsnowbelo with her ninang Anne earlier this morning 😍😍😍

Repost from @lizieeugenio12: Bumped in with this Diyosa in MRT! Starstruck level 999999! Such a gorgeous and nice lady! 😱😊

Friday the 13th? Not for the mrt riders 😍 She braved the heat and crowd of MRT earlier to get in time to It's Showtime. 🚆 (📷 @maulamay)

MRT classmates = victims of the Friday the 13th traffic 😁
(📷 @jhonghilario)

The Dyosa is back! 👸🏻 Look for It's Showtime earlier 😍

Make up by @carlanteng; hair and photos by @iamantoniopapa

When you're hotter than the sun and you outshine view 🔥😍👙

Happy New Year to the whole fam down under @annecurtissmith ❤️ We're happy to see you're having the best time with them on the last day of 2016. We hope life writes a beautiful new chapter for you this year. New dreams, new adventures and new experiences. And pretty sure 2017 will be one of your best years 💍 We love you and we'll be here to support you for the many many years to come. 💕

Enjoying the sea, the sun and the wind at Hamilton Island 🌊☀️💨
(📷 @erwanheussaff)

Look for It's Showtime earlier 💋
Hair and photos by @iamantoniopapa ☺️

Breathtaking beauty for such heavenly view 😍

Anne Curtis sighting in Melbourne 😊 (📷 @lizjeansoul; @xtaticboy82)

Denim party the Curtis-Smith way 👩🏻❤️👧🏻❤️👦🏻 #CurtisSmitheesMelbourne
(📷 jascurtissmith)

CELEBRATE LIFE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS! Celebrate the holidays with @metromagph and @annecurtissmith ❤️💛💚💙💜 #MetroLovesAnne #MetroHoliday2016

Glowing and getting more beautiful everyday 😍 Also, we can't take our eyes off that 💍🙈

CELINE AND JACKIE 😍 Surprise visit from @beaalonzo to congratulate Anne ❤️
(📷 @starcreativestv)

Here's a cute photo of the couple showing off the engagement ring 🙈💍

Fresh and blooming 😍 Look on It's Showtime earlier.
Hair by @santiagoraymond, make up and photo by @jellyeugenio 💕

With her forever partner on Showtime ❤️

That beautiful and eye-catching engagement ring is making an appearance everywhere 😍💍

"A beautiful day for a beautiful lady." - @praybeytbenjamin

Thank you so much @itsshowtimeofficial_ig for a very beautiful and heartwarming surprise earlier ❤️

Team Anne with the beautiful and blooming bride to be 👰🏻😍💍

Caption 💘💘💘
"@isabelledaza: I knew you were meant to be-when you BOTH tried to make each other jealous by picking up a random Barcelona May 2009. 💍 #proudmatchmaker"

Teary-eyed while happily showing off her beautiful engagement ring 💍😭❤️

"She's a keeper 😉" - @erwanheussaff
Congrats again to you and @annecurtissmith we wish you lifetime happiness ❤️❤️❤️

The simplest and most beautiful proposal we've ever seen 😍 Congratulations @annecurtissmith and @erwanheussaff 💘💍 (Full vid on Erwan's youtube page / Anne's Facebook page)

The Dream Team 😄 With Ms. Frenchie Dy, Jed Madela and Darren Espanto at It's Showtime earlier 🌟
(📷 @teamdarrenatics)

This cover up she used at the opening scene of No Other Woman will be at her garage sale at the Mega Trade Hall 1 today plus other pre-loved items including signature shoesies 👗👠👟👚👜 Be sure to drop by her booth and get the best items at an affordable price! All proceeds will be going to the classrooms she's having built ❤️

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