Live Simply Simply Live

Live Simply Simply Live @andreleifkivijarvi

Imagery, Storytelling and the Pursuit of a Goal Family First. Philippians 3:14 🇫🇮🇳🇴🇵🇭

Panning the river.

Perceiving time differently.

Too much sauce? Naw never.

Be still.

Ice cream and grass stains.

Blind faith.
Turned out my gut was right I wanted to climb around this rock face but I didn't know if I would be able to manage my way to the other side safely. I walked around and not only would it have worked but it told me you should've gone. Sometimes risk takers learn and achieve faster than those who take the easy route. I'm learning that the road of discipline is no glittered path but it's full of enlightenment and courage.

Cuba is going to be beautiful it's going to be everything I've wanted it to be and so much more.

The courtyard.

The product of a feeling.
Inspired by the greats right now Terrence Mallick, Christopher Nolan and David Lynch. Turning Writing, Storytelling and Imagery into one, Cinema. Opening up your consciousness and really diving into creativity.

In 2017 I'm going to be putting more effort in selling my clothing ideas as well as more embroidered goods. Here's to a year of creation and doing what you like. Photo by my brother @kivijarvi stoked to see more #KIVIJÄRVI goods coming soon.

What if Violet Beauregarde wore these shoes. #theblueberrygirl #charlieandthechocolatefactory

The open window.

Spending enough time in whatever you love you begin to find out everything is up for grabs there is still so much out there that we have not yet experienced. Keep going.

I found out I like really like palm trees lol.

Start carving.

70' Cutlass

Clicking on all cylinders.

Born in California.

72' El Camino.

May the roads be dirty and the car washes be many. Life is an adventure now go play in the mud. Shooting car ads with my cousins.

Spontaneous adventures with friends are always the best. Post wedding tear down last year for a homies wedding.

That's one way to break in a jacket I can't wait to get a mountain bike/ motorcycle. Here's for more filthy rides!! Edited to Cemetery Gates by Pantera. Photo My Uncle Romulo Jr.

I'm stoked to keep on being myself in 2017 but on another level I've always held back to some extent because of other people but I'm really going to let loose and see how far I can go to be an overall better man. Here's to shooting for the stars and traveling across oceans and seeing the world. Life is too short to say man I wish I was more courageous. #liveinthenow

Happiness lies where freedom begins. You learn a lot when you immerse yourself in nature you come out wiser and more grateful. Photo @ms_jemk Taken on an iPhone 6

Models needed. Let's shoot.

There's all sorts of gold out there you just have to walk down the street and be bold enough to pick it up.

I'm going to stay pretty focused in 2017. Im excited to go after my goals and I finally have my head straight so here's to turning the key and only going forward. Hopefully I'll have a badass truck or motorcycle with the whole nine yards if you know what I mean. #simpleliving


Bmx has its ways in making me feel so young I love it. Stoked on finally learning footjams. @davidsissonn with the photo.

Leica Q. This camera is on my 2017 bucket list.

The reliable hangout spot.

First impressions.

Mercedes in 1985.

The design of a tail light and how a corner is shaped.

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