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@marknormand found his audience

There is no better host or person to hang with than @theofficialjencoolidge thank you I love you!


My brother and I doing our bit

greatest crowd #nola

This year had its struggles for us all but I am very proud that I am first female comic to play msg and arenas all across our country and around the world. I had a nytimes best selling book and filmed 2 movies im so proud of. I stayed honest and true to my beliefs and did it all with the love of my life my best friends and family at my side. I'm gonna keep working hard and trying to make people laugh and feel better. Even bullies! Here's to a great 2017!

Lafites for life!

This town

Best nine. Ben

Shit I did more than nine. These hoes

Best nine. This

Best nine feeling good

Best nine. Shooting this #insideamyschumer

Best nine the garden

Best nine every moment with this honey

Best 9 every moment with these nerds

Best 9. What?!!

Best 9 this moment

Best 9 my road fam

Best 9 Goldie

Best 9 Jason's 40th

Best 9 Cubs win

There. Is. No. Better. Town. #nola

Make new friends but keep the old #silver #gold #goodfriends #fiber

Very hurtful text from @kyledunnigan1

#tbt hey guys!!!! Could always rock a tube top and a bow son!!!

Girls for decades



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