Aliya Sharif

Aliya Sharif @aliyazohra

Pumpkin carrot cake with a cinnamon maple cream cheese frosting, all from scratch ✨

She was born
With laughter in her eyes
And flowers beneath her skin
I wonder where she went
In 2017, I'd like to capture the moments of my life again: through photography, paintings, poems... anything really. It takes being vulnerable to open up and share the deeper parts of yourself through creativity and I hope I can do that again this year

Love you, always ❤️

Happily avoiding my med school responsibilities... 🍧 #chummytime #78586buddiesforever #raspastandswewander

Going home tomorrow and cannot contain my happiness bout it ❤️❤️❤️

Fun fact, a snake was killed in this same spot 24 hrs ago... #eidmubarak 🎉🙈

We may be in different states but we still eat macarons together @carolinavela9 😂👭 #chummy

Before I fell into the ocean face first with my phone and camera 😅
📸: @fariyam123

I'm not sure if I'll ever be done posting pictures from this trip... #sorrynotsorry #pigeonpointlighthouse

Congrats to my dearest ❤️ I am so proud of you, keep killin it!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for coming last night and making the evening magical ✨

Dreaming of Big Sur while I'm stuck in the airport... #pleasetakemeback

The view from the Golden Gate Bridge 🌁

In the Bu... Malibu 😉

Was torn between stealing this car and photographing it tbh...

Breakfast with a view 🌴

Picnic & photoshoots on the beach = ❣

I'm kinda late but I still want to wish my favorite adventure buddy aka my best friend forever aka my fellow blogger aka my shrink a happy, happy 21st bday!! Thank you for always being up to doing the craziest things with me, like wearing fake septum rings, sitting on top of cars for photoshoots, or stalking people for fun, wait what?! 😎 I love you so much, Carolina! Here's to many more memories!! ❤️ #blairtomyserena #orserenatomyblair #dependsonourmoods #caviarnotcatfish

One of my favorite people made another trip around the sun today!! Happy birthday Jaz!! I love you so much and am so grateful for the gift that is your friendship, you are such an amazing and beautiful person, keep shining bright and feeling 22!! 🙌🏽🎉❤️👭✨ #happyfreeconfusedlonely #mijas #cantwaittocelebratewithyou

Last one of Santa Fe, this city was just too beautiful! ⚱ #simplysantafe #simplysantafenm #pottery


Santa Fe vibes 🌵

The mountains are calling and I wish I could go 😞

This is the #kaibabtrail at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. My first hiking experience ever, it was terrifying but I learned that life truly begins when you're outside of your comfort zone, pushing your limits~

Spent the past 10 days exploring the southwest and it's been magical ✨

2015 you've been incredible, possibly the best year of my little life yet... my wildest dreams are coming true and I couldn't have done it without the wonderful people in my life #sappypost #bringiton2016 #medschoolhereicome 🎆

The view from the world's largest Ferris wheel ⛰

Saturday brunchin'

"The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost"

A day well spent ✨🌊

Travel gear... I'm off to Boston ✈️

Made my first smoothie bowl today 🍌🍓😊

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