Alice Blair

Alice Blair @aliceblair_

18|fashion&textiles student|enrico fagarazzi - 7/09/13💛 near brighton🌊 / winchester ⛪️


missing ma flat to much, all love ❤️



so much love for her💗 my uni mum😘

w a v e y 🌊

socks n heels duh

nice to see this one✨


Christmas is coming

Hi I hear you have 6 rooms with sinks for rent?✨

when he's an 👼🏼 and feeds you😝😍✨

last one I swear - admiring the beautiful cathedral with Ellie 🌞

I love the castle😻

I love living with this crazy bitch 💛

before it got really messy and I dropped all my eggs and scooped it all up and before me and em booted our pumpkins off the stairs, love these girls, thank you all for looking after and putting up with me✨

"Know your own happiness, call it hope"

excuse my face lol #flat22 - Candice +Tom

house bitches

ain't she a fitty


let me move already😓⌛️ 26 days✨

the day this becomes my home, will be the best day✨ get to sit in the pub by the lil river with good friends and a few 🍻🍷🍹 @kitkatchunkyb @phialovesyou 33 days❤️ such a beautiful city, and we get to move there at the best time (Christmas) 🎅🏽


my head looks a weird shape🤔 🔞th birthday vibes with ma girl✨


only photo really taken from his birthday, but I'm pretty sure he had a good night🤔 i love you loads 💜 xxx @georgehowardmay98 photography

So my bub is 18 today🎉, can't believe you can now class as an adult, seems wrong, sit down little boy. I'm so happy to be with someone so special and I'll always be here to support you and love you, all the love in the world💜💜

so weird to think that in 2 days time, our last ever project will be over, my project was "issues with the brain" looking at mental health and the detail of the brain itself. The different textures and manipulation is all relevant to the imagery and facts I have found on the brain. It's so sad knowing this two years is coming to an end and so scary yet exciting to think that all the crazy girls in my class are now going to have to grow up and go to university in September. I'm so grateful I got to spend these 2 years with such funny, talented and lovely people❤️❤️


✂️ #menswear

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