lex @alexislamarsh

hello do you have time to talk about mike trout's WAR • webster university

throwback to when i was rlly happy (aka when it was summer and there was baseball)

it's good to be back on my floor

i miss carlos

found em

happy new year from me and my favorite people!!

don't tell my mom i was playing in the road

nights at home

the power went out. i spent the first moments of this opportune situation planning a sneaky trip to the kitchen, knowing the inky darkness would hide my guilt as i took yet another brownie

ricky vaughn is my homeboy

star wars!!

is it baseball season yet?

finals week (📸: @queengoldilocks)

a december afternoon

a year ago today i first visited webster. i didn't know then how many balloons and bad decisions i would encounter in my first semester here

ft. james dean

wild thing 🤓 #routinebaseball

throwback to waino's complete game shutout on july 16 because i miss baseball so much

hi i'm thankful for matt carpenter

gettin festive on maria 3

thank you for this season, warriors. proud. ❤️

football !!!

bc this picture is cool and i'm preparing for tomorrow

just goin home

aesthetic: webster's library

happy 15th birthday alyssa!! ur cool sometimes (don't hate me for this)

veni vidi vici

and they thought it'd be easy #winner


taking pictures was fun yesterday

home playoff game? pretty rad #winner

home is where you can see the stars

when the cubs win the world series and the sky is falling

i like to think we're a baseball family but this is fun

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