hope&erin&cassidy&madison @_kaleifornia_

turnip the beet | usd

So many seeds so little time

hank the tank tryina slide in on this with his good looksπŸ‘πŸΌveggie sushi with Tamari sauceπŸ€‘

chocolate nana nice cream over oats with berries, chia, and cacao nibs

avo toast with the one and only @stephanietmara like if you think she should come to Usd

my pancakes look burnt but they're not #HA

@bobsredmill oats with @naturespathorganic chia, @driscollsberry berries, banana, and cookie dough bites

spring rolls with peanut sauce and purple sticky rice πŸ––πŸΌ

post long run waffles with nana nice cream, berries, kiwi, and chocolate sauce πŸ“πŸŒ waffle recipe from @frommybowl and chocolate sauce made with cocoa powder and maple syrup

a nice bowl of happiness πŸ™‚

@simplemills mini brownie on a mini plate with a mini spoonπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Went to the ER but it's fine bc yesterday I made granola

I just opened up this avocado and half of it was strawberries and the pit was a lime and that's why avocados are the best ever

Fuel for the soul πŸ’

nana nice cream with pomegranate, puffed rice, and cacao nibs #hackingsnacking #feedfeed #contest

smoother than a baby's bottom

nothin pumps me up quite like a nice pice of avocado toast😁 @foodforlifebaking rice millet bread !!

I don't know how e keeps her bowls so organized @sambazon acai is the goat

the only good part about this morning was baby bananas

breakfast pizza

toast is always a good choice

carrot cake oats πŸ₯•with @naturespathorganic chia seeds and 🍌

bowl from BELGIUM featuring @haileypurtzer #dankdankdank

pot a gold 😁

oh oh collard greens πŸ€

Comment on your favorite one and send us your best bowl β™‘
3 frozen nanas
3 tablespoons coconut milk
Handful strawberries ....with treats on top :)

blackstrap molasses oats with maple coconut milk (yum) and a sip or so of banana oat date almond coconut cacao smoothaaaaa

Cinnamon apple pancakes at 9,000ft #glutenfree #coloradoliving

oats with nana nice cream and berries 🍌

fruit snacks nom nom

coconut banana chocolate hazelnut shake. whaley good. ha.

just a bowl of berries and bananas

I think there's a cilantro leaf in my toof hole but it was worth it. Sweet potato red lentil coconut curry soup. #yummy

it snowed into my bowl ha

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