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The first celebrity mobile games company in the Philippines. #Xeleb


Come see @kuyakim_atienza, @annecurtissmith, @isabelledaza, @erwanheussaff, and @raymondracaza this Friday at the Global Mobile Gaming Confederation Manila #GMGCMNL! Learn more about celebrity mobile games and what's next for #Xeleb.

What should Isabelle Daza pack for her next trip? Be her travel buddy in #TripNiBelle
Text TRIP to 2600

Congratulations to @annecurtissmith and @kuyakim_atienza for completing the TCS New York City Marathon! Go team #Xeleb!

Tumalon at umilag para makakuha ng coins at prizes. Tara na’t sumama kay @kuyakim_atienza sa #AdventuresofKuyaKim!
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Erwan needs your help. Shop for fresh ingredients to make 3-star #MarketMasterErwan dishes!
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Pop colourful bubbles and join Sarah Geronimo’s concert tour in #SarahGpopsters.

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What do you think of @isabelledaza's business look for today's #Xeleb meeting? Yes for new #tripnibelle ootd?

@marketmasterph players sure know how to make @erwanheussaff smile. Help him get that 3-star dish in #MasterMasterErwan. Just text MARKET to 2600.

Hang out with our favourite sweetheart @annecurtissmith! Match gems and outfits when you play #AnneGaling
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Congratulations @IsabelleDaza & @Adriensemblat. Cheers to more adventures, love your #Xeleb family. #BelleAdrien2016

Hey #Xeleb players! Have you updated your #SarahGPopsters app already? Do it now to see @JustSarahG's surprise!

Help @isabelledaza pack her bags in #TripNiBelle! Text TRIP to 2600 now. #Xeleb

Complete @erwanheussaff's shopping list in #MarketMasterErwan! Text MARKET to 2600 now. #Xeleb

Join @JustSarahG in her concert tour in #SarahGPopsters! Text POPSTERS to 2600 now. #Xeleb

Run with @kuyakim_atienza as he escapes obstacles in #AdventuresofKuyaKim! Text KUYAKIM to 2600 now. #Xeleb

New recipes coming to #MarketMasterErwan so make sure you download it on Google Play or text MARKET to 2600! #Xeleb

Time to be #ANNEGaling with @annecurtissmith! Text AG to 2600 now. #Xeleb

Kuya Kim Atienza's game, @kuyakimgames features his pet Iguana, Bert and Helmet the Turtle. #XelebTurns1

Did you know that Erwan Heussaff chose the dishes personally for his game Market Master Erwan ? #XelebTurns1

Belle's game, @TripNiBelle features clothes that are personally hand picked from her closet. #XelebTurns1

Did you know that #ANNEgaling is the first celebrity mobile game in the Philippines? #XelebTurns1

Exactly a year when we launched a company like no other! HAPPY BIRTHDAY XELEB and #ANNEgaling! #XelebTurns1

Wishing this day brings you divine blessings. Eid Mubarak to everyone! #Xeleb

What are you waiting for? Hit Google Play and update your #ANNEgaling app now!

Play Isabelle Daza's game, Trip ni Belle to win up to 100k! Visit our Facebook page for more info. #Xeleb

ANNE-taray talaga because Anne Curtis-Smith is giving away special prizes on #ANNEgaling! Text AG to 2600

Look, @annecurtissmith's game update is just around the corner. Text AG to 2600 to find out! #ANNEgaling

Win up to 100k when you play Erwan Heussaff's game, #MarketMasterErwan! For more info visit our Facebook page!

A very big surprise from @annecurtissmith coming soon on #ANNEgaling! Text AG to 2600 now.

Cheers to one of the best dads we know! Happy Father's Day @kuyakim_atienza! #Xeleb

Travel like the it-girl herself, @isabelledaza, when you text JETSET to 2600! #Xeleb

Craving for more cooking tips from @erwanheussaff? Text KITCHEN to 2600! #Xeleb

Continue to be proud of our country. Happy Independence day, everyone! #Xeleb

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